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Overlay items from multiple lists containing timelines in Bamboo's Calendar Plus SharePoint App, with color-coding and tooltips.

Calendar Plus SharePoint App

Most organizations have events, tasks, and initiatives that are tracked across a variety of different SharePoint lists. If your organization is among them, you can now display them all in one central location, easily keeping the activities and events up-to-date and displayed in a convenient calendar UI with Calendar Plus App.

Calendar Plus SharePoint App with settings Calendar Plus SharePoint App with color-coding and tooltip

Calendar Plus SharePoint App features:

  • Allow adding unlimited number of lists within the site to be displayed in the SharePoint Calendar Plus App.
  • Display activities and events from multiple lists in a single calendar view.
  • Color-code the different calendars according to their list of origin, as well as color-code individual items based on their column value. This helps users identify the specific calendar and the status when multiple lists and multiple items are displayed in the same calendar view.
  • Rich tooltips display for the selected columns when users hover over an item in the calendar view. This allows users to retrieve essential information without requiring them to open up the item's form.
  • Simple, intuitive interface

Bamboo's Calendar Plus SharePoint App is available for Office 365/SharePoint Online and via the SharePoint App Store for on-premises users.

Why would I want to use a Bamboo SharePoint App?

  • No Software to Install
  • Get Started in Minutes
  • Instant Access to Product Improvements

How to Obtain Support:

Please enter all questions, issues, and bugs in the Calendar Plus SharePoint App forum located on the Bamboo Nation community site.

Setup Instructions

For more information, see the Calendar Plus SharePoint App Documentation.

Setup is a quick process involving a few easy steps:

  • From Site Contents > Select Calendar Plus.
  • Click on the Calendar Plus icon. From the App Settings, select the list(s) which you want to display in the calendar view.
  • Provide General Descriptions such as calendar name and calendar color for color-coding.
  • Select which columns you want to map for display.
  • Select which columns you want to display in tooltip.
  • Select which columns you want to use for color-coding.
  • Save the settings and start enjoying your Calendar Plus App.