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Group Redirect Web Part

Restrict cross-site group members' access to sensitive pages and redirect them to an alternate page specified in the web part.

The Group Redirect Web Part provides a simple and quick way to redirect users in selected cross-site SharePoint or Active Directory groups (or combinations of groups) away from the selected page. It enables the administrator to insert the web part on any page in the portal and redirect cross-site group users to a specified alternate page when they attempt to access the selected page. In addition, a unique redirect destination can be defined for each group or combination of groups.


Product Feature Set Support SharePoint Bamboo Group Redirect
Restrict selected cross-site group members' access to a specific site.    
Identify users based on SharePoint or Active Directory group membership.    
Redirect cross-site group members' to an alternate page    
Redirect combinations of groups based on and/or logic    
Redirect multiple cross site groups    

A quick and easy way to allow customers access to certain Customer Support pages in your portal, but restrict access to sensitive internal company information as well.  Group Redirect allows you to enhance communication with your partners or contractors by offering them access to joint project information and a place to store their own information.