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List Rollup

Aggregate data from across Sites and Site Collections into a single view

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Your Data, Unified

Automatically collect, filter, group, sort and export items from multiple SharePoint lists - all in real time, all across your portal.

Smart Discovery

List Rollup can automatically discover newly-added lists of a specific type across sites and site collections.

This means your collected data is always comprehensive and up-to-date.

Powerful Grids

Users can configure List Rollup to display data however they like, with List Views and customizable styles and layouts.

Aggregated data can be filtered, grouped, and sorted on the fly.

List Rollup Features

Flexible Aggregation

Select the service that suits your needs, with fast response times or more powerful aggregation.

Intuitive Interface

Powerful, easy to use schemas determine which items from which lists are rolled up.

Automated Discovery

Target lists manually or use automatic discovery for subsites or all sites in a collection.

Standardized Formatting

Use master columns to standardize the display of fields such as Number, Date, and Time.

Configurable Columns

Similar to a List View, define which columns are displayed and in what order.

Filter, Group, Sort

Users can filter, group, and sort data - all of which have configurable default settings.

Match Your Brand

Choose from default styles or customize the display CSS to match your site.

Export Data

One click exports results to Excel or PDF for offline management and reporting.


Combine List Rollup with other Bamboo products, such as Alert Plus and Calendar Plus.

Feature Comparison

Key Feature List Rollup SharePoint Content Query
Aggregate content from a single site collection
Automatically discover Lists of same List Type in all sub-sites
Automatically discover Lists of same List Type in a Site Collection
Specify which columns to display in the aggregated list view
Select individual lists to roll up from across Site Collections
Available for SharePoint Foundation
Available for SharePoint Server Standard
Automatically discover Lists of same List Type in sibling sites
Automatically discover Lists of same List Name
Merge different list types based on shared columns
Exclude individual lists from rollup
Include List and Site Names in item rows
Support for multiple selection lookup columns
Support for multiple selection people and groups columns
Easily search aggregated data
Export aggregated data to Excel or PDF
Easily filter, sort, and group combined data before display
Easily filter, sort, and group combined data after displaying
Display aggregated data in a grid view with conditional formatting
Build rollups with minimal SharePoint knowledge and no coding
Select a default skin or customize the CSS
Translate to any language
Display aggregated data in calendar views, chart views, and more*
*When used with Calendar Plus, Chart Plus, or other Bamboo products