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HOWTO: Combine Multiple Tasks Lists using the List Rollup Web Part. A Step by Step Guide
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List Rollup Web Part - Step by Step Guide

How to combine and display data from two Tasks Lists


Let’s say you want to roll up two Tasks lists from different sites, one from Marketing and the other one from Engineering.  The rolled up DataView is displayed at a different site at the corporate web.


Step 1:

Install the Bamboo List Rollup Web Part according to instructions in the Application Notes.


Step 2:

Create a Master View to be used as the rolled up view for all lists. In this example, we want to use a view in the Engineering Tasks list to control the display data.


1.      Create a new view called "Rollup View".

     a.  Open the list.
b.  Select Settings.
c.  Select Create View from the bottom of the Settings page.



2.      Select Standard View as the new view.



3.      Enter a name for the view.




4.      Select the columns that you want to be displayed in the rollup view.



5.      Press OK to save the view. Make sure you can see the selected data.



Step 3:

Make sure there is a view in the Marketing Tasks list that contains the same data as is displayed from the previous list.  In this example, the default All Tasks view also contains the needed data.



Step 4:

Now you are ready to rollup the two tasks lists.

    1.Go to the site where you installed the Bamboo Rollup Web Part.   Select the following:
        a.      Site: The site where the Engineering Tasks List resides.
        b.      List: Tasks list
        c.      View: Select the Rollup View that you just created.
        d.      Auto-Discovery Mode: Leave this set to None.

1.Click Include List. The Tasks list from the Engineering site is displayed in the Included Lists area.



 2.Next, select the Marketing Tasks list and include that in the rollup view.  In this example, we can use the “All Tasks” since it has all the columns that we need to roll up.

3.Next, select the Engineering Tasks view as the Master View, and click Preview.


4.You should see a preview of the rolled up data displayed under the Rollup Web Part.


Step 4:

Create and Export the rolled up DataView.

1.Type the name and description of the DataView Web Part to be created, and then click Create.

2.You should now see the DataView Web Part listed in the Templates section. Click on the new DataView title.


4.Save the .dwp file on your local drive or desktop.

Step 5:

Import the rolled up DataView into your target web.

1.Go to your web, select Site Action, and Edit Page, and then select “Add a Web Part”.


     2.Select Import.


    3.Browse to your desktop where the export file was saved and select Upload.  You should see the Web Part listed in the section below.  You can now drag and drop the Web Part onto the web site.

4.Make sure to de-select the “Hidden” attribute of the Web Part in the Web Part settings page, so that it is visible on the page.


- End -

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