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Bamboo support includes: Support does NOT include:
  • Problem isolation and identification, as related to Bamboo products
  • Bamboo error message analysis and resolution
  • Bug reporting and follow-up
  • General advice on product issues involving usage, implementation, licensing, operation, and functionality (Please note that this does not include how to implement products for specific business use cases, nor does it include step-by-step assistance with installing the product in a user environment)
  • Unlimited access to our knowledge base and community forums and blogs, usage tips, and useful product information
  • Up-to-date information on current releases, product compatibility, restrictions, enhancements, workarounds, and fixes
  • Installation Support Services for Bamboo products. For more information about available Installation Support Services, please click here
  • Bamboo Product Training for administrators or end users. For more information about available Bamboo Product Training, please click here
  • Design and Configuration Services for Bamboo products. For more information about available Design and Configuration Services for Bamboo products, please click here
  • System/SharePoint administration NOT related to Bamboo products
  • Debugging or inspecting non-Bamboo products or implementations that contain user-written code
  • Support of Bamboo products on non-standard or inadequate system environments
  • Technical support for end of life software releases, as defined by Bamboo
  • Please note that Bamboo's support staff is trained to work with SharePoint Administrators, Developers, and expert power users
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Support Services Trial Basic Premium
Severity 1 & 2* initial response goals n/a 2 business days 4 business hours
Method of contact My Bamboo Support Portal Only My Bamboo Support Portal Only My Bamboo Support Portal, Phone Callback and Web Meeting**
Number of annual incidents n/a 6 Unlimited
Support hours 8am-6pm EST/EDT*** 8am-6pm EST/EDT*** 8am-6pm EST/EDT*** Please ask our sales team about after-hours support
Number of designated support contacts n/a 2 4
Access to patch releases and bug fixes n/a Yes Yes
Free major version upgrades n/a No Yes

* Severity One (Urgent): A severity one (1) issue is a production problem which may severely impact the client's production SharePoint environment or Bamboo products; systems are down and no procedural workaround exists.

Severity Two (Important): A severity two (2) issue is a production issue during which service is degraded. While time-sensitive, the overall business impact is minimal.

Severity Three (Medium): A severity three (3) issue is a medium-to-low impact problem in which there are issues in the production or other environments which need to be resolved, but which are not time-sensitive. This severity level may also apply to questions about functionality.

Severity Four (Low): A severity four (4) issue is for a general usage question, recommendation, or request. There is no impact to production or other environments.

** Bamboo offers outbound phone and Web meeting communication to our premium customers on an as-needed basis.

*** Bamboo's official support hours are 8am-6pm EST/EDT. During the summer, EDT is used and is GMT -4. During the winter, EST is used and is GMT -5. In addition, Bamboo has a team of highly qualified engineers in Vietnam who can often answer support questions outside the official support hours.