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Administration Toolkit for SharePoint

Faster, simpler SharePoint administration.

The Administration Toolkit from Bamboo brings advanced IT SharePoint administration functionality to your everyday sites and applications. With a full range of tools for password, user, and site management, the Administration Toolkit makes it easy to simplify and offload the execution of common tasks like password changes and site creation, freeing up valuable IT resources for more important tasks.

Customizable, embeddable admin tools can make all the difference -- from governance, to resource usage and security, experience the wealth of benefits that come from better SharePoint management with the Administration Toolkit.

Administration Toolkit screenshot

Add account, password, and user management to any of your SharePoint solutions with ease.


Automate common tasks and reduce users' dependency on IT intervention and assistance.


Customizable management tools enable you to follow governance guidelines and maintain order.

Take control of your SharePoint environment.

As your SharePoint deployment grows, don't get bogged down with the cost and bottlenecks that come with using limited, out of the box tools. Build smart, flexible administration features into your next SharePoint application, and put the focus back on your business. The toolkit includes:

  • Password Change
  • Site Creation Plus
  • User Account Setup
  • User Profile Plus
  • User Directory
  • Alerts Administrator
  • Password Reset
  • User Manager for Sites
  • User Profile Sync
  • User Registration Accelerator
  • Password Expiration

    So contact us today to learn how you can experience some of the features of the Administration Toolkit yourself, in a free, no-risk online test environment, or learn more about Bamboo's full lineup of SharePoint Toolkits, Suites, and Libraries. They're fast, easy to try, and just might be exactly what your SharePoint deployment's been looking for.

    SharePoint 2013    SharePoint 2010    SharePoint 2007

    Get this, build this.

    The Administration Toolkit can help you build one or more of these powerful SharePoint applications.
    User Maintenance System

    Offload the bulk of your everyday administration tasks with a comprehensive, self-service user maintenance solution that lives on your company portal. Simply configure the password, profile, and account management tools with your desired security restrictions, and let users reset passwords and adjust basic account information without IT intervention. Get faster results for users, and less work for IT, with a single solution.

    Remote IT Management

    When IT does need to be involved, let them make changes from anywhere thanks to a web-based system for basic IT management. Create new users, manage alerts, create new sites, and perform countless routine procedures with ease, from anywhere, simply by logging into your company portal. Restrict access to IT managers, or allow your entire organization to take care of business from anywhere - it's up to you.

    New User Orientation

    Don't miss a thing when adding a new user; run them through a friendly, self-service, automated orientation procedure powered by SharePoint and Bamboo's advanced, user-friendly administration tools. Create a new account, set your password, agree to necessary policies - even create a new site - all while adhering to your company's IT policies, which you can build into the procedure with a few simple configuration steps.

    Site Governance

    Take control of your SharePoint environment, and stop the endless spread of hastily constructed sites with a regulated site creation solution powered by Bamboo. Ensure that sites are created correctly, stored where they belong, and labeled with the proper metadata before they can go live, and best of all, do it with limited or no manual approval needed from an IT expert. Simply set up your requirements, and let SharePoint take care of the rest.