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Video Library

Centralize video storage and playback with easy access to training videos, management presentations, and other media, whether stored locally or on the Web.

Uploading, managing, and sharing videos in SharePoint is as simple as Create, Upload, Play

Organizations need to share more than just documents. From training materials to commercials, companies are accumulating rich media like videos quickly. While SharePoint is pretty good at storing a lot of things, video and audio files have their own needs. Bamboo Solutions created the Video Library for SharePoint so you can create a centralized location for not only storing videos, but for playing them back and sharing them as well. The Bamboo Video Library provides several advantages over a standard Document Library, such as:

  • A browser-based, embedded video/audio player
  • Support for a wide range of of file types and codecs
  • The ability to capture and display metadata such as file type, duration, and resolution
  • Customizable video thumbnails
  • Local video storage or links to external content
  • The ability to share links to stored videos or embed them into another page

Receive valuable user feedback by adding content ratings to your Video Library!

The Bamboo Video Library for SharePoint provides users with a simple but powerful library that is designed specifically for storing media. Authorized users can upload or link to video and audio files in a variety of formats and locations, while other users can view media details (like resolution and length) and play back the content from their browser using the embedded player. Video Library lets you centralize and organize your rich media the way it was meant to be. 

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