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Video Library

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Centralize video storage and playback and simplify access to training videos, management presentations, or any other media, whether it is stored locally or on the Web.

Uploading, managing, and sharing videos in SharePoint is as simple as Create, Upload, Play

These days, companies need to share more than just documents. From training materials to commercials, companies are accumulating rich media like videos quickly. While SharePoint is pretty good at storing a lot of things, video and audio files have their own needs. Bamboo Solutions created the Video Library for SharePoint so you can create a centralized location for not only storing videos, but for playing them back and sharing them as well. The Bamboo Video Library provides several advantages over a standard Document Library, such as:

  • An embedded video/audio player that supports multiple file types.
  • Ability to capture and display metadata such as file type, duration, and resolution.
  • Display of video thumbnails.
  • Storage of media in the library or linking to external sources.
  • Ability to share links to videos or embed them into another page.
Receive valuable user feedback by adding content ratings to your Video Library!

The The Bamboo Video Library for SharePoint provides users with a simple but powerful library that is designed specifically for storing media. Authorized users can upload or link to video and audio files in a variety of formats and locations, while other users can view media details (like resolution and length) and play back the content from within the library using the embedded player. Video Library lets you centralize and organize your rich media the way it was meant to be. 

SharePoint Video Library Web Part

Key Feature Description SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
Multiple Media Storage Options Store media files directly in Video Library, or use an existing network file share by connecting Video Library to a Bamboo File Share Library).      
Support for Multiple Media Players Choose from Microsoft Silverlight or Windows Media Player to play videos or audio from Video Library.      
Multiple Viewing Options Automatically play videos and listen to audio using an item display form, pop-up window, or embedded player on a Web Part page.      
Automatically Extract Metadata When a video or audio file is uploaded, details such as title, duration, format, number of audio channels, and resolution are automatically extracted.      
Upload File or Create a Streaming Link Choose to either upload the physical video or audio file to the content database or stream the file from a direct URL.      
Automatically Generate Thumbnails When you upload or link to a video, Video Library will automatically generate the thumbnail image to associate with the SharePoint item. Optionally display a custom thumbnail by defining the thumbnail image URL in the item properties, great for audio files.      
Support for Multiple File Formats Video Library includes support for multiple file formats for both audio and video files.      
Multiple Item Display Views Select from three different custom views to display your items, including Standard, Details and Thumbnails.      
Promote Popular Videos or Audio Each time a user views a video or audio file, a special counter column is incremented. Use this column to filter, group, or sort your SharePoint Video Library items.      
Support for Multiple Languages Translate the text in the Video Library user interface to your language using the Bamboo Translation Framework.      

Bamboo Video Library for SharePoint is a graduate of Bamboo Labs and was originally built for internal management of training videos. Bamboo Solutions created Video Library because we saw an increasing demand for storing media-rich content in SharePoint, which WSS v3.0 and MOSS 2007 Document Libraries did not support. The SharePoint community agreed, with several hundred downloads of the Labs version alone! With the launch of SharePoint 2010/2013, Microsoft also listened to the community and provided their own support for media-rich content with the Asset Library. Take a look at the table below to see how Bamboo's Video Library stacks up against the SharePoint Asset Library.

Feature Bamboo Video Library SharePoint Asset Library
Support for a variety of video files    
Support for a variety of audio files    
Link to external video server applications    
Support for Windows Media Player (no install required on client)    
Support Microsoft Silverlight (requires install on client)    
Manually associate thumbnail images to files    
Automatically generate thumbnail images for video files    
Automatically extract video/audio file technical details (size, duration, format, etc.)    
Provide embedded video URL    
Quick-play from thumbnail image    
Set default player resolution for all videos    
Support for WSS v3.0/MOSS 2007    
Support for SharePoint Foundation 2010/2013 and SharePoint Server 2010/2013  

SharePoint Server 2010 only

SharePoint Foundation/SharePoint Server 2013

Bamboo Video Library for SharePoint is based on the standard SharePoint Library. Like other instances of the SharePoint Library, such as Document Library, Picture Library, or Wiki Page Library, it retains all the standard document management capabilities you need to manage your files, including check in/check out, version control, and content approval.

After successfully installing the Video Library, complete these three simple steps to start centralizing and organizing your rich media content:

For SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010:

  1. In the site where you want to create the video library, click the View All Site Content link in the Quick Launch bar, and then click the Create button on the toolbar.
  2. From the Libraries section, click Bamboo Video Library, provide a Title and Description for your new library, and then click OK.
  3. Start uploading video and/or audio files or enter links to external media sources.

For SharePoint 2013:

  1. In the site where you want to create the video library, go to Site Contents link in the left navigation menu.
  2. From Site contents, under Lists, Libraries, and other Apps, click add an app. Under Apps you can add, select Bamboo Video Library. Give the library a name. To set library options, click the More Options button and make your selections. Click Create.
  3. Start uploading video and/or audio files or enter links to external media sources.