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Validator Column

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Control the structure and format of list data as it's entered.
List & Forms Extensions Toolkit

The Bamboo Validator Column enables you to create programmatic restrictions on values entered into a list column, so that data is automatically validated before being stored, and invalid data can be immediately corrected by users.

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With just a few steps, it's easy to create a Bamboo Validator column using a number of different comparison methods.

  • Use Pattern Comparison, and dial up a predefined pattern for many common business applications (phone number, e-mail address, social security number), or create your own, using regular expressions for validating elaborate custom SKUs and other data with complex format requirements.
  • Restrict numeric or date-based values to a specific range with Range Comparison
  • Or use Value Comparison to base your data restrictions on a fixed value, OR the current value of another column in the list -- and use arguments like Greater Than/Less Than, Contains/Does Not Contain to further customize your rules.

With the Bamboo Validator Column, invalid data is quickly flagged as it's entered, and the user can be alerted and assisted with custom error messages. There's no need to worry about improperly formed data polluting your list.

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