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User Manager for Sites

Empower Site Managers with the ability to easily create and manage their own users and groups using a simple, centralized interface.

Delegate user management capabilities to specific users, so they can view users, change passwords, create and manage users and groups, and edit AD profiles, all within a predefined OU, using a simple, centralized user interface.

Managing a large number of users and multiple groups within an Organization Unit (OU) can be difficult in SharePoint, and usually requires heavy IT involvement. Wouldn't it be nice if you could allow managers to create and remove their own users, reset passwords, and change group settings using a simple, centralized interface? User Manager for Sites lets you do just that. You can define which specific users within your organization can modify user information, and which Organizational Unit (OU) they can affect. You can even exclude specific accounts from being accessed by the product. User Manager for Sites provides you with the flexibility to decide who can manage users, and which users they can manage.

User Manager for Sites provides administrators or specific users with access to a simple, SharePoint-based application that lets them maintain and organize user access security information for Sites in a Site Collection. Managers can create, modify, or remove both users and groups from a single interface. Multiple default views allow managers to handle large numbers of users easily. Create users with multiple group access instead of having to do it one group at a time.

Bamboo User Manager for Sites

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