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SQL View Web Part

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Create reports based on data stored in SharePoint® using popular reporting applications, such as Microsoft® Access
or Crystal® Reports.

SharePoint® does not currently provide an easy way to work with popular reporting systems since all SharePoint list data is in the same database table. Field names are generic, making it difficult to retrieve information. The SQL View Web Part is especially useful when users have the need to build and run ad-hoc reports. A user can take standard SharePoint list data (such as announcements, tasks, events, etc.), automatically create a SQL statement, and turn it into a SQL view or embed it into any ad-hoc report.

Bamboo SQL View Web Part

The SQL View Web Part generates SQL statements and database views that can be used to combine information from several lists, such as products, orders and customers. This Web Part allows you to create alternative views of SharePoint list data and use them in familiar reporting applications such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports, providing data analysis and decision-making benefits for any organization.

SQL View Web Part vs. SharePoint Base Functionality SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Bamboo
SQL View
Build a SQL query statement from any list starting from the top-level site, and all its sub-sites.    
Retrieve field information from joined lists through lookups.    
Automatically create a view in the SQL database.    
Solution deployment now available. Install SQL View on one web front end server and it is deployed to all web front end servers in your server farm.