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List & Forms Toolkit

Extend your lists' capabilities without requiring Form Libraries and InfoPath.

Collect valuable information from your users with versatile custom column types.

SharePoint out of the box provides a sufficient collection of base column types for initial SharePoint deployments. However, as these deployments continue to grow, requirements grow as well. The need for reporting, analytic and visual aids in SharePoint lists and libraries rises—which is where the List and Forms Extensions Toolkit comes into play. Take advantage of the List and Forms Extensions Toolkit's versatile, customizable column types that are designed to enrich and improve your users' experience in SharePoint.

SharePoint Column Level Security Web Part Column-Level Security
Go beyond basic list-level security and add security to your individual columns with Bamboo Column Level Security. Protect confidential information such as employees' salaries or quarterly revenue numbers.
SharePoint Identification Column Web part Unique Identification
Move past a simple sequential number created by SharePoint to identify your items and documents. With Bamboo Custom Identifier, automatically formulate unique identifiers that can include text, dates and other column values.
SharePoint KPI Web Part Key Performance Indicators
At a glance, quickly view project statuses with Bamboo KPI Column. Use customizable status icons to visually indicate whether a project is on track, at risk, or under or over budget.
SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup Web Part Cross-Site Lookup
Give users the ability to look up lists not only in the same site but across sites. The Bamboo Lookup Selector even allows users to provide a relationship between columns in a list, automatically filtering the lookup based on another column selection.
SharePoint Rating Column Web Part Assess the Value of Items and Documents
Allow your users to discover effective information stored in SharePoint by rating lists, libraries and sites with Bamboo Rating.
SharePoint Rich Text Column Web Part Create Multiple Lines of Rich Text
Easily build descriptions of items that include images, CSS styling and tables with Bamboo Rich Text, which also allows users to find and replace text and to check spelling.
SharePoint Validator Column Web Part Standardize Data Entry
With the Bamboo Validator Column, conform all user entries to a predefined format, such as requiring users to enter phone numbers as (XXX) XXX-XXXX. You can even build your own validation format.
SharePoint Visual Indicator Web Part View Task Status and Progress at a Glance
Color code task statuses or display a color-coded or percent-based progress bar to provide a visually pleasing glance of project tasks with Bamboo Visual Indicator.

Benefits of the SharePoint List & Forms Toolkit