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Bamboo Knowledge Base

Share knowledge, save time, and reduce cost with a centralized SharePoint knowledge base.

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Bamboo Knowledge Base provides a centralized, easy-to-use, searchable, secure knowledge base that can be set up in minutes—saving you valuable time and costly development resources. Whether used internally or as part of a customer-facing site, Bamboo Knowledge Base offers a flexible, scalable, and affordable knowledge management application that is both simple to set up and easy to use.

Product Overview and Benefits

  • Centralized administrative and client sites
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Configure security using SharePoint security trimming
  • Create and manage all Knowledge Base articles from one location
  • Manage and answer end users' questions
  • Create tags and keywords for easy categorization
  • Display articles in Web format, and export articles to PDF
  • Multiple search criteria provides enhanced search capabilities
  • Comment on and rate articles
  • Reporting
  • Includes an optional review and approval workflow for publishing articles or comments (SharePoint 2010/2013 only)
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint means no need for client applications, coding or extra hardware.
Centralized administrative and client site
New search features in Version 2.0

Search Content Using Flexible Criteria

  • Search individual columns using AND or OR
  • Search using AND, quotation marks ("") or the plus sign (+)
  • Search using OR, a space or the minus sign (-)
  • Search all columns using AND or OR.
  • Narrow the search through Category Type or Article Type.
  • And more!

Stay on Top of Content with Reporting

  • Article Usage Report
    Allows Knowledge Base Administrators to view which articles have the most views.
  • Article Counts by Categories
    Reporting makes it easy to see what the current categories are in the Knowledge Base and how many articles belong to a particular category.
  • Article Counts by Article Type
    View how many article types you have in the Knowledge Base and how popular they are by looking at the average rating.
  • Ask a Question Report
    See how many questions have been asked, whether they were answered, and if articles need to be created based on the questions and answers.

Reporting feature in the KB Admin site
What does Bamboo SharePoint Knowledge Base do?
How can Bamboo SharePoint Knowledge Base work for me?
How does Bamboo SharePoint Knowledge Base work?