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Group Email Web Part

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Quickly send e-mails to groups of users using the email addresses in a list, the entire SharePoint site, or an Active Directory distribution group.

Today, many organizations use SharePoint lists to maintain information such as contacts, leads, and user information. With this user information readily available in SharePoint, organizations naturally want to use it for basic communication such as an email message to the user community designated in a specific list or site. Our Group Email Web Part allows project managers or site administrators to send a group email to a SharePoint list, site, or Active Directory group.

Group Email Web Part Features
Now supported on SharePoint Foundation 2010/2013 and SharePoint Server 2010/2013. New!
Send bulk emails to all users in a SharePoint site.
Send bulk emails to all users in a list, such as a Contacts list, using the list's e-mail address field.
Create and send emails based on an existing e-mail template.
Filter the list of email addresses through a standard list view.
Emails can be sent through desktop email client or via server side's SMTP.
Send group emails to Active Directory security and distribution groups.
Select custom site groups as well as standard groups to restrict which users can send group emails.