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Column Level Security

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Restrict private list columns to certain users,
or assign read-only privileges.
List & Forms Extensions Toolkit

The Bamboo Column Level Security column encrypts text, numeric, and currency based data, allowing only users and groups designated by the list owner to see the contents of the column.

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With column level security, you can store secure and public data side by side, knowing that each user will only be shown data they have access rights to. Even better, you can individually and independently assign read/edit access, so data can be viewed, but not edited, by mid-level users.

Best of all, the Bamboo Column Level Security column even lets you easily copy existing data into a new, secure column, making it easy to add customized security to the SharePoint data you already have.

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Extending SharePoint Lists and Libraries without InfoPath forms has just become a lot easier. With the List & Forms Extensions Toolkit, receive all the custom columns Bamboo has to offer in a single, convenient package. The List and Forms Extensions Toolkit provides a vast range of functionalities, including true column–level security within your SharePoint lists. Seeking effective key performance indicators (KPIs) for your existing projects? Want to standardize your SharePoint data by requiring users to follow a predefined data–entry format? These capabilities and more are available in a free 30–day fully functional trial.

If you are interested in purchasing more than one Bamboo custom column, consider purchasing the List & Forms Extensions Toolkit, which includes all Bamboo custom columns in a single package (conveniently activated by a single license key).