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Calendar Plus Web Part

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Keep your company's events and initiatives on track and up-to-date with Calendar Plus Web Part.

Just when you thought Calendar Plus couldn't get any better...

Visually communicate date-based list data through several useful views: Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Quarter, Year, and Gantt. Show events, tasks, milestones, project initiatives, legacy data, or employee vacation plans, to name just a few options.

Use a SharePoint List, a SQL Server Table or View, or aggregated views created by our List Rollup Web Part as the data source for your calendar items.

Display calendar items by the list column of your choice, apply color-coding, apply a custom or list view filter to the calendar items, and display holidays stored in a separate list.

In addition, configure the Gantt View to display project task information, along with percent complete and milestone indicators.

Calendar Plus Web Part also provides support for several languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Try Calendar Plus and view a color-coded version of your Tasks List in minutes!
SharePoint Calendar Web Part
Month View in Bamboo Calendar Plus Web Part

Key Feature Description
Multiple Data Source Support Connect Calendar Plus Web Part to various data sources including: SharePoint List/Library, SQL Table/View, or legacy systems using BDC connections.
Include Multiple SharePoint Lists or Libraries Configure Calendar Plus Web Part to display up to 10 SharePoint Lists and Libraries in a single Web Part instance. Lists and Libraries can exist on different sites, and even across Site Collections!
Wide Selection of Views View data in views that include: Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Quarter, Year, and Gantt
Uniquely Identify Items With Color- and Icon-coding Based on the selected Choice, Lookup, or People and Group column, define the color and/or icon displayed for the selected value of the SharePoint item.
Display Optional Legend to Identify Colors and Icons Displayed Optionally display a legend on the bottom, left, or right of the calendar views to easily identify colors and icons displayed in Calendar Plus Web Part.
Provide Quick Access to Item Details Through Rich Tool Tip Interface Define columns to be displayed in a rich tool tip interface when a user hovers over items in each Calendar view. Allow the user to retrieve essential information without needing to leave the page.
Integrate Holidays Into the Calendar Views Create custom SharePoint holiday lists and display them in the background of your calendar views.
Multi-Language Support Translate all text to any language for multi-language SharePoint deployments
Easily Configurable Calendar Settings Through a pop-up settings interface, modify Calendar Plus Web Part to meet your particular needs.
Wizard Based Installation Simple installation managed by an installation wizard. Run once on any Web Front-end Server and it is deployed automatically to all other Web Front-end Servers.
Enable/Disable Web Part as an Option in Add A Web Part Screen Using Site Collection Features, quickly display and hide Calendar Plus Web Part as an option in the Add a Web Part screen.
Connect to List Rollup Web Part Need to view more than 10 lists in a given Calendar Plus Web Part instance? Want to auto-discover lists instead of manually entering each list? Beef up Calendar Plus Web Part with the purchase of List Rollup Web Part and create powerful rolled up calendars.
Runtime Filter View Using Runtime Filter view, allow users to dynamically filter calendars using the specific view. New in R4.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010! Runtime Filter View now is available for multiple lists. Additional option "Show Selected List" to show specific lists with specific views instead of a single list with a single view.
Filter Using List Filter Web Part Connect Calendar Plus Web Part to List Filter Web Part and you can quickly filter the calendar based on specific columns. New in R4.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010! More columns are available to select for filtering as well as using the combination of columns to filter.
Web Part Connection New in R4.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010! Dynamically filter the calendars using Web Part Connection.
Sorting for Gantt View New in R4.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010! Sort the Gantt view based on certain criteria/columns.

SharePoint provides a foundation for corporations to begin modernizing their collaboration from archaic tools such as e-mail, local file systems and, in many cases, hard copy documents to providing a means for users to interact in real-time. With SharePoint, the days of duplicated work, lost files, and large storage rooms are long gone. SharePoint out-of the-box provides basic tools such as Document Libraries, Dashboards, Lists, and even Calendars. Although these are what most companies require to initially get their collaborative portals underway, they are just basic building blocks. Calendars are a prime example. SharePoint Calendar Views provide users the means to display data in simple views including Day, Week, and Month, however, as corporations begin to expand and more information is gathered, users need a more complete solution. That is where Bamboo Calendar Plus Web Part comes in. To provide a clearer picture of the benefits Calendar Plus Web Part provides over SharePoint out-of the-box, view the comparison chart below.

Feature Bamboo
Calendar Plus
SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
Display SharePoint Lists and Libraries in a Calendar View
Display SharePoint Lists and Libraries in a Calendar View across sites and site collections        
Display Multiple Lists In the Same Calendar View  
Display Items Based On a Single Date or Interval        
Color-code Items Based on Column Value        
Icon-code Based on Column Value        
Display Calendar View on Any Page        
Display SQL Table/View        
Display Legacy Data Through BDC Connections        
Display Data in Year View        
Display Data in Quarter View        
Display Data in Gantt View        
Display Data in Day, Week, and Month Views      
Display a Holiday List  
Configurable Item Tool Tip      

See how the out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013 calendar view compares visually to Bamboo Calendar Plus Web Part Month view:

SharePoint Calendar Comparison