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Time Tracking & Management

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Where does the time go? Find out with Time Tracking and Management. Enter time, approve timesheets and create informative time & cost reports.

Enter, approve, report: Tracking how your team is spending time is as easy as 1-2-3 with Time Tracking and Management™.

You know you're busy, but if someone asks how much time you spent on Project X, can you provide that information quickly and accurately? With Bamboo's Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint, you can. Time Tracking and Management lets you report time spent on project tasks, time cost, administrative work, vacation, sick leave, or define additional custom time categories for reporting. Timesheet managers can review and approve time entered by their direct reports. Executives can view comprehensive and informative reports through various filters such as time period, department, and project.

Product Overview and Benefits

  • Web-based time-tracking solution with built-in access controls.
  • Link to a task list to automatically add assigned tasks to a team member's timesheet.
  • Connect to a Project Management Central site to aggregate assigned tasks from multiple projects on the timesheet.
  • Timesheet review and approval features for timesheet managers.
  • Additional customizable alerts send reminders to team members and timesheet managers to ensure timesheets are submitted and approved on time.
  • Comprehensive reporting allows for better workforce management.
  • Central Control Panel provides the ability to configure access and manage features from a single location.
  • Report actual work and cost totals from timesheets to tasks and projects in Project Management Central.
  • Set rules for maximum working hours and overtime.
  • Calculate internal job cost and the billable cost to customers based on actual work entered in timesheets.
  • Print or export timesheet data and reports to a SharePoint list or Microsoft Excel.
  • Now supports SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. New!
  • Assign multiple resources to a task and allow the resources to report time separately for it.
  • Flexible option to allow users to display different alias for column names in the timesheet entry view and reports and/or hide columns in the timesheet entry. New!
  • Additional reporting options such as hide or show charts and filter data to show in the reports.
  • Additional option for configuration and validation to ensure users enter cost codes.
  • Provide the option in the Timesheet Entry Web Part for users to either collapsing all the Project Name groups or not collapsing. New in R1.7 for SharePoint 2010!
  • Provide the option in the Report Center Web Part for the administrator to give access to users to access the reports. New in R1.7 for SharePoint 2010!
  • Add View Report button next to the Date Range for the Report Center. The report does not generate until user clicks on the View Report button. New in R1.7 for SharePoint 2010!
  • Add shortcut to the Report Center on the left navigation. New in R1.7 for SharePoint 2010!

SharePoint Time Tracking Records Management

Time Tracking and Management

Enter time, approve timesheets, and view reports on cost and time in one place. Automatically add tasks to timesheets for more accurate time and cost tracking.

SharePoint Time and Records Management
Process Management

Configure, standardize, and control the time entry and approval process with customizable options for timesheets, task lists, cost centers, approvers, and more.

SharePoint Process Management
Alerts and Reminders

Improve policy compliance with customized alerts and reminders for timesheet submission, approval, and overdue notifications.

SharePoint Alerts and Reminders

Control who can create, submit, and approve timesheets with centralized administrative features.

SharePoint Records Security

Improve workforce management with reports by actual work, actual cost, time period, department, project, resource, and more.

SharePoint Time and Records Reporting
Integration with PM Central

Integrate with Project Management Central to allow project teams to report actual time spent working on tasks in PM Central projects, and therefore the accurate percent complete for each task.

SharePoint Project Management Integration

SharePoint 2013/2010 Compatibility Time Tracking and Management is compatible with SharePoint Foundation 2013/2010 and SharePoint Server 2013/2010.
Site Template The Time Tracking and Management site template provides a centralized and standardized way for employees, team members, and managers to report time, manage timesheets, and view time and cost reports.
Customization Customize the look and feel of your site with two skin options. Display columns in the  timesheet entry and in the reports using a different alias. Hide or show columns in the timesheet entry.
Time Management Central Provide a central location for team members to report and track their time, and for timesheet managers to review and approve timesheets.
Time Entry Detailed timesheets allow team members to accurately report time spent on project tasks. Customizable labor categories allow accurate tracking of administrative time, such as vacation and sick time. Employees can review past timesheets and view future tasks.
Cost Tracking Perform detailed cost calculations to track budgets, internal costs, and billable costs. Team members can report time against different cost centers to accurately assign hours to the correct activity and budget. Management can view detailed information about planned vs. actual work and planned vs. actual cost during the approval process. Provide option to ensure users enter the cost code when timesheets are saved and submitted.
Automatic Task Tracking Link to a SharePoint Tasks list to automatically add assigned tasks to a team member's timesheet. Allow assigning multiple resources to the same task and allow the resources to report time separately for it.
Integrates with Bamboo Project Management Central Connect to Project Management Central to allow project teams to report time spent working on tasks in PM Central projects. Tasks from all projects are aggregated and listed on the project team member's timesheet. Report actual work and cost from timesheets to PM Central so project managers can compare with project and task estimates.
Timesheet Management Timesheet managers can review timesheets before approving them, and can add comments when approving or rejecting. Timesheet administrators can conveniently generate timesheets for all team members at one time. 
Reporting View resource time and cost by reporting period, project, department, and more with Time Management Reporting. Flexible options to show or hide charts and filter data in the reports based on specific fields.
Alerts Set up customizable alerts to remind team members to submit time and alert timesheet managers of timesheets that need approval to ensure no overdue timesheets.
Simple Deployment Time Tracking and Management features a simple, one-click installation.
Central Control Panel Configure access and manage features from the Time Tracking and Management Control Panel. New Control Panel features, including the ability to save timesheet details to a SharePoint list so you can create ad hoc reports.
Time and Cost Configuration Checklists Configuration checklists simplify setup for time tracking and cost tracking.
Policies Enable validation of maximum working hours per-day or per-timesheet period and allow overtime on a per-user basis.
Tooltips & Descriptions Useful tooltips and descriptive instructions in Time Tracking and Management site pages help users get the most out of product features.

Time Tracking and Management™ for SharePoint can be configured in the way that best fits your time management needs. Whether you need a basic time entry tool or comprehensive time management features, Time Tracking and Management will work for you. 

  • Standalone Time Entry: Just need a way to track working hours? Create only the labor categories you need to track, such as regular time, administrative time, sick leave, or vacation, and configure employees and managers. Employees simply enter their time in the easy-to-use timesheet and submit it for approval.
  • Simple Task Tracking: If you need to track time against specific tasks as well as general labor categories, point Time Tracking and Management to a SharePoint Tasks list. Tasks assigned to an employee are automatically added to his or her timesheet. Employees enter time for their assigned tasks as well as the vacation, sick time, and other labor categories you configure.
  • Intuitive Cost Tracking: Need to also track cost? Time Tracking and Management allows you to track the budget, internal cost, and billable hours based on different cost codes and rates.
  • PM Central Integration: If you are using Bamboo's Project Management Central, add Time Tracking and Management to allow project team members to enter time spent working on project tasks and track accurate actual work as well as actual cost. When Time Tracking and Management is configured to work with a PM Central portfolio, you can configure timesheet approvers in your Enterprise Resource Pool, automatically add project tasks to timesheets, and easily access timesheets from PM Central.

No matter how you use Time Tracking and Management, you have full access to the approval and reporting features for timesheets. You can also configure reminders for time entry and approval using Alert Plus.