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Data-Viewer Web Part

Create intelligent grid views for effective data analysis on a variety of data sources, including SharePoint Lists, SQL Server Tables/Views, Bamboo List Rollup, and Business Connectivity Services.

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Analyze data within SharePoint using versatile conditional formatting and calculations built into a single grid view solution.

Information in SharePoint can quickly become disorganized, uninformative, and ineffective. Built-in SharePoint Lists are great for collecting information from users, but information displayed in a list does not provide meaning to all audiences — just the original author or group who owns the data. You can create different views but, without SharePoint Designer—a SharePoint customization program provided by Microsoft—you cannot change column labels, set column width, or color-code data based on certain criteria.


Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part fills this gap with a variety of capabilities contained in a single component. Connect to Lists or Libraries across sites and site collections, SQL Server Tables or Views (even add, modify, and delete entries), Bamboo List Rollup Schemas, or Business Connectivity Services. Bamboo Data-Viewer Web Part is beyond just a simple grid view. Data-Viewer Web Part allows you to customize the information displayed, providing the capability to tailor each instance of Data-Viewer Web Part to a set audience.

Customization capabilities include the ability to:

  • Define custom column names.
  • Set default column width to promote important information.
  • Show related data by nesting a secondary list below the individual parent items in the grid.
  • Perform Conditional formatting (Text and Color) in scope of Text, Cell, and Item Row.
  • Display Calculations based on a variety of conditions.
  • Modify Data-Viewer Web Part skin to match any site's Master Page or inherit the site theme.
  • Allow users to set formatting for the column headers.
  • Translate all Web Part display strings to any language.

SharePoint Data View Web Part

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