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List Bulk Import

Quickly import and share large volumes of critical documents and data in SharePoint from legacy databases, spreadsheets, network file directories, or SharePoint Lists.

Many organizations move to SharePoint to leverage its collaboration and communication capabilities, but the transition from older systems can be cumbersome. Data and content are often stuck in old formats and locations, increasing the time it takes before users can leverage the new platform for day-to-day activities. Allowing users to quickly access their legacy data from SharePoint enables faster adoption of the platform and reduces data sprawl.

List Bulk Import

List Bulk Import from Bamboo allows you to migrate data, documents, and pictures into SharePoint from legacy databases, spreadsheets, local/network file shares, and even from other SharePoint Lists and Libraries. Getting your data into SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint Online/Office 365 is quick and easy, as is keeping that data up to date.

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