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Alert Plus

Stay on track by automatically sending customized, conditional email notifications and reminders in SharePoint.

Experience SharePoint alerts the way you always wanted with Alert Plus. Here are some of the features Alert Plus offers:
Centralized Alerts Management
Manage all Bamboo Alert Plus alerts in a single Web Part.
Comprehensive Set of Triggers
Trigger alerts when item exists, created, modified, deleted, or when a column changes.
Limit Alterable Items with Filters
Filter the items to alert on based on an existing List View or set of conditions.
Multiple Routing Methods
Send notification to distribution lists, including those not members of SharePoint sites.

Try Alert Plus and set up an alert on a Status change in a Tasks List in just minutes!

SharePoint Alerts Designer View
Click this image for an animated walk through of Alert Plus
SharePoint Alerts Email
Click this image to view an e-mail produced by Alert Plus
Customizable Rich Text E-mails
  • Include Columns From the Alert Item
  • Display Both Past & New Column Values
  • Provide Professional Appearance With Embedded Images
Keep Inboxes Clutter Free
Merge multiple notifications into a single summary alert.
No Developer Coding Required
Build effective alerts through a user friendly interface within SharePoint.
SharePoint Project Management

Interested in seeing Alert Plus in action within a real application? Jump over to Project Management Central to see how Project Managers can utilize the power of alerts in day-to-day project management.

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