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Alert Plus

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Save time, minimize inbox traffic and keep projects on track by automatically sending customized, conditional email alerts and reminders to users or a group of users.
Experience SharePoint alerts the way you always wanted with Alert Plus. Here are some of the features Alert Plus offers:
Centralized Alerts Management
Manage all Bamboo Alert Plus alerts in a single Web Part.
Comprehensive Set of Triggers
Trigger alerts when item exists, created, modified, deleted, or when a column changes.
Limit Alterable Items with Filters
Filter the items to alert on based on an existing List View or set of conditions.
Multiple Routing Methods
Send notification to distribution lists, including those not members of SharePoint sites.
Try Alert Plus and set up an alert on a Status change in a Tasks List in just minutes!
Alert Plus Designer View
Click this image for an animated walk through of Alert Plus
Alert Plus E-mail
Click this image to view an e-mail produced by Alert Plus
Customizable Rich Text E-mails
  • Include Columns From the Alert Item
  • Display Both Past & New Column Values
  • Provide Professional Appearance With Embedded Images
Keep Inboxes Clutter Free
Merge multiple notifications into a single summary alert.
No Developer Coding Required
Build effective alerts through a user friendly interface within SharePoint.
Interested in seeing Alert Plus in action within a real application? Jump over to Project Management Central to see how Project Managers can utilize the power of alerts in day-to-day project management.

Receive Alerts based on conditions such as:
  • Tasks coming due or overdue.
  • Document status changes from Pending to Approved.
  • Issues status is marked as Active and due date is 1 day away.
  • Publishing of Wiki Pages.
Build effective e-mail alert notifications:
  • Create eye-catching, informative alerts using a rich multi-line control.
  • Include only columns that reinforce the subject of the alert.
  • Choose to display previous and/or new column values.
  • Assemble different alert templates for different list actions, such as when an item is Created vs. Modified.
Stop limiting your users to default SharePoint self-subscription alerting and send alerts to:
  • A distribution list such as a SharePoint Contact list.
  • The user set in the Assigned To column of a Task.
  • To the project manager defined in the associated project details list.
  • Any user (member of SharePoint or not), as long as the user has an e-mail address, an alert can be sent.

Within all SharePoint Lists and Libraries, users have the ability to subscribe to Alerts based on simple trigger options including when items are Created, Modified or Deleted. Based on this subscription to a list or library, an e-mail notification is sent when the trigger occurs on any item in the selected SharePoint List or Library.

Bamboo Alert Plus takes e-mail alerts to a new level by providing a supplemental alert mechanism providing users ultimate flexibility in how alerts are generated, the look and feel and who they are sent. Below is a comparison chart between Bamboo Alert Plus and SharePoint Alerts:

Key Feature Bamboo Alert Plus SharePoint Alerts
Ability to select specific list to be alerted on    
Define look and feel of alerts without requiring developer coding    
Alert on item creation, modification and deletion    
Alert if item exists    
Alert if a column value of an item changes    
Filter alert list to alert on relevant items    
Send Alerts to individual SharePoint users    
Send alerts to a distribution list, such as Contacts list    
Send alerts to an e-mail defined in an associated lookup list    
Send alerts to individual e-mail addresses    
Merge multiple alerts into a single e-mail    
View alerts the logged in user is subscribed to    
Manage alerts in a central location    
Edit existing alerts   SharePoint 2007/2010
Create a single alert for multiple SharePoint lists using List Rollup Web Part    

After adding Bamboo Alert Plus to a page, the SharePoint Administrator or Designer can define which users has the rights to create, modify or delete Bamboo Alerts based on the selected SharePoint Groups in the Bamboo Alert Plus tool pane. Each alert that is configured by Bamboo Alert Plus is saved to a list within the SharePoint site called Alert+ Configuration List.

During the installation of Alert Plus, five custom SharePoint Timer Jobs are created on each Web application Alert Plus is deployed to. Each custom SharePoint Timer Job corresponds to each of the alert frequency options and runs at its respective time: As Soon As Possible, Every Hour, Every Day, Every Week, and Custom Schedule. When the custom SharePoint Timer Job runs, it checks for pending items to alert on based on Alert Jobs defined in the Alert+ Configuration List sends the e-mail notification through the configured Outgoing E-mail Server configured in SharePoint Central Administration.

Product Description Price Order
SharePoint Foundation 2013 & SharePoint Server 2013
Server License for SharePoint 2013 Software, Release 3.2 for SharePoint 2013 - per server license.
Includes one year of Basic Support.
Premium Support for SharePoint 2013 Premium Support provides faster response time and minor and major releases. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Trial Download for SharePoint 2013 30-Day Free Trial Download for SharePoint 2013.
SharePoint Foundation 2010 & SharePoint Server 2010
Server License for SharePoint 2010 Software, Release 3.3 for SharePoint 2010 - per server license.
Includes one year of Basic Support
Premium Support for SharePoint 2010 Premium Support provides faster response time and minor and major releases. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Trial Download for SharePoint 2010 30-Day Free Trial Download for SharePoint 2010.
SharePoint 2007 (WSS & MOSS)
Server License for SharePoint 2007 Software, Release 3.2 for SharePoint 2007 - per server license.
Includes one year of Basic Support.
Premium Support for SharePoint 2007 Premium Support provides faster response time and minor and major releases. Valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Trial Download for SharePoint 2007 30-Day Free Trial Download for SharePoint 2007.

  SP 2007:

SP 2010:
SP 2013:
SharePoint 2007    
SharePoint 2010    
SharePoint 2013    
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