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Virtual Map View

Create powerful geographical maps to display demographic data stored in a SharePoint list or SQL database in just minutes.

SharePoint allows oraginzations to quickly build a shared database of information through the use of lists. SharePoint lists can be used to display information in various formats, and can be tailored for use by different sets of users. These display formats include standard lists, calendars, and even other custom display types such as our Gantt chart view.

One of the display formats that SharePoint is missing out-of-the-box is a Map View for displaying geographic data. For example, displaying address fields in a contact list or a customer list on a map that can be used to manage sales and marketing efforts.

The Virtual Map View product allows users to display data points as markers in a Google map or Microsoft Bing map using a SharePoint List or SQL table or view as the data source.

Note: This Web Part may require separate licensing of Google Map Web Services or Bing Map Services.

What does SharePoint Virtual Map View Web Part do?
How does SharePoint Virtual Map View Web Part work?