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User Account Setup

Simultaneously create a new account in the defined authentication provider and add that account to SharePoint while adhering to the security policies.

Create new accounts with associated contact information for Active Directory Services, NT Services, and SQL Membership Provider through SharePoint

The User Account Setup Web Part allows SharePoint users designated by an IT administrator to add users on their own rather than relying on IT personnel to create the accounts. You can create a new authentication provider account (ADS, NT, and SQL Membership) and at the same time add the account to defined SharePoint groups in different sites. With the Active Directory authentication provider, you also can customize the information collected by defining additional attributes to be populated in both ADS and SharePoint.

Seeking the ability to approve individual account creation? No problem. The User Account Setup Web Part provides the ability to submit account creation requests for approval prior to creation. The User Account Setup Web Part also stores all transactions into a custom SharePoint list, allowing IT personnel the ability to track all new accounts created.

User Account Setup Web Part

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