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Project Management Central

Powerful, flexible project management software for SharePoint


A Better Way to Work

Leverage powerful scheduling tools to plan your tasks for on-time delivery. Get a clear, uncomplicated, picture of your project plan when you add it directly to the intuitive Gantt chart or take advantage of MS Project integration.

Eliminate communication barriers and make it easy for teams to stay connected and accountable. Team members can intuitively report issues, share documents, and provide task updates.

PM Central provides tools that help you to build efficiencies, encourage productivity, and help ensure that every project is a success.

Easily launch your projects using templates that enforce a consistent approach to planning, and deliver projects that align with best practices.

Plan Collaborate Deliver Standardize


Plan Faster, Work Smarter

Get Started Fast

SharePoint Powered

Smart Collaboration

Track Results

An easy setup and intuitive interface make launching projects a snap.

Security trimming beyond documents, so users only see what they need.

Send messages, share documents, spark discussions.

Stay informed with SharePoint dashboards and notifications.


Work Your Way, Together

Executive Leadership

Know exactly where projects stand and have confidence in the data driving business decisions. Centralized reporting tools give executives the dashboards and charts they need to stay informed.

Project Sponsors

Track projects at a glance with custom views that focus on important segments of the portfolio.

Project Managers

Easily plan, track, and execute projects with dedicated SharePoint dashboards for tasks, schedules, issues and risks.

Team Members

Collaborate more effectively with automated reminder notifications, personalized progress and task views, and integrated communication tools.

Executive Leadership Project Sponsors Project Managers Team Members


Project Management

PM Central's powerful components were built for teamwork, so you can streamline planning, focus on goals, and accomplish more.

Intuitive structure

  • Portfolio Site: Global view of all projects
  • Department Site: Filtered view of selected projects
  • Project Site: Comprehensive project details


Extend the capability of your project management tools with other Bamboo products including, Time Tracking and Management, Workflow Conductor and Discussion Board Plus. PM Central also integrates with Microsoft Project.

Ultimate PM toolbox

PM Central provides a complete project management solution, right at your fingertips:

  • Interactive KPIs highlighting project details
  • Centralized resource management
  • Tailored task and issue notifications
  • All of your tools, all in one place

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Our interactive Gantt chart provides you with a clear, uncomplicated picture of your project's plan. Whether you track projects with milestones, or a WBS schedule eight layers deep, comprehensive task management is at your fingertips.

Intuitive UI

Drag and drop items to change the project structure, view the critical path, and define parent/child relationships, all from the interactive user interface.

Easy project transfer

Already have a project plan created in MS Project? Effortlessly import your project plan into PM Central with the Bamboo MS Project Import tool.

Have your project outlined in Excel? Save time by copying and pasting the project structure from Excel directly into the project's Gantt chart.

Real time insights

As tasks are updated, customizable views let you instantly identify whether any tasks are late, monitor schedule status, measure baseline deviation, and track task costs.

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With KPI dashboards, project and portfolio health is available at a glance via dynamically updated displays, providing drill-down access to additional information as needed.

Communicate progress

Use key performance indicators to easily keep track of parameters such as risks, schedules, and issues across multiple projects.

Manage project risks

Get immediate insight into your project's identified risks. Visually gauge the severity, impact and probability of an event, and quickly identify risks that need to be mitigated to keep your project on the path to success.

Chart trends

View displays and chart progress across your entire project portfolio.

Navigate to dashboard data sources and click to quickly find detailed information.

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Built-in tools help eliminate communication barriers, making it easier for teams to stay connected. The centralization of project artifacts ensures that everyone knows exactly where to find what they need, improving performance and efficiency.

Keep teams engaged

Project discussion boards help team members share new ideas and capture recent developments, sparking innovations and promoting project success!

Quickly send email notifications to your entire project team to keep everyone in the loop and focused on the same goal.

Improve accountability

No deadlines pass unnoticed thanks to automatic email notifications that are sent when task dates are approaching or overdue.

'My Summary' displays provide focus, showing only assigned tasks, issues and risks, which can be updated for one project or all assigned projects.

Centralize activities

Keep project meetings and events organized in a color-coded calendar so your team stays informed.

Configurable tooltips show just the event data you need, without a single click.

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File Management

Store, share and review all of your project files easily and securely. SharePoint's document libraries simplify collaboration with bulk upload functionality and clear audit trails that let you easily track document changes.

Intuitive organization

Organize your content in the way that works best for your users. Whether or not you actually create folders in your document library, your team will see the familiar folder navigation they know and love.

Built-in security

Sometimes you will have project documents that require privacy and confidentiality. SharePoint's built-in security model gives you the peace of mind that eyes-only content will only be visible to the appropriate users.

Version control

Intuitive document check-in and check-out features allow you to make sure that everyone on the team is working with the most up-to-date version of documents, simplifying collaboration.

An audit history can be maintained so that older document versions can be easily viewed and restored.

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Effortlessly see the information you need to understand your portfolio's performance with predefined reports and dashboards. Concise views and charts let you instantly gain the insight you need to make informed business decisions.

Automated reporting

No more manually compiled reports! Leverage automatically-updated charts and reports to gain visual insight into portfolio performance, resource work or project costs.

Export content to Excel to create customized reports.

Centralized view

All your project information is easily accessible from a centralized location that allows managers and stakeholders to quickly see information about every project or the portfolio as a whole.

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Resource Management

Efficiently balancing project resources across your portfolio just got easier with predefined reports that provide the information you need. See how resources are being allocated across multiple projects, and review task assignments to identify opportunities for fine-tuning resource utilization.

See the big picture

The aggregated Gantt chart displays resource assignments across all projects, and instantly identifies concurrent assignments, as well as available resources who are "on the bench."

Switch views to gain additional visibility into team workload.

Capacity planning

Identify who among your project team is overcommitted or underutilized, and gain valuable insight into the total number of resource hours assigned.

Find the right resource

Need a graphic designer starting in March? A software developer in June? The easy-to-use search feature lets you quickly identify available resources with the skillset you need, when you need it.

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Create customized templates that are tailored to reflect your organization's evolving project management process, and ensure best practice standards are maintained from one project to the next.

Tailored templates

Create customized project templates to support your organization's process requirements.

We're here

Bamboo Services can help determine how best to configure this powerful SharePoint project management software to meet your business needs.

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