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List Print

Print and export clean, easy to read views of any SharePoint list.

Print your SharePoint List, not your entire web browser.

List Print is a SharePoint feature that adds a "Print List" command to the Actions menu of every SharePoint List -- when activated, it opens a new window with the contents of the current list presented in one of several space saving, easy to read templates. Instead of using the clumsy standard browser Print command (which includes the entire contents of the current window, but only the List items included on the current page), List Print provides you with a custom printout that displays your List, not your web browser.

SharePoint List Print Web Part

From the List Print window, users can change the template and list view on the fly, and either print the results, or export them to an Excel spreadsheet. List Print is fast, lightweight, and built into the Actions menu of every SharePoint List -- you won't remember how you lived without it.

What does SharePoint List Print do?
How can SharePoint List Print work for me?
How does SharePoint List Print work?