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Poll Web Part

Conduct custom user polls and voting to gather valuable feedback from your sites

How many products does it take to offer online question management, result exporting, and the display of poll results in a color chart or graph? Just one.

SharePoint offers some basic survey functionality through Survey Lists. These Survey Lists allow you to create branched surveys that can log users who have answered the survey along with their responses, and display the survey results in a bar graph. This functionality works well for multi-branched surveys that require significant time for designing and laying out the succession of questions and responses needed in order to collect large amounts of data on a particular topic. However, many companies also want to streamline their ability to poll users on a single topic and collect data quickly while also providing immediate feedback to the user on the results of the poll with minimal oversight by the survey administrator. The SharePoint Poll Web Part enables you to quickly create polls while automating voting response collection and feedback as well as ensuring that you automatically meet polling deadlines.

SharePoint Poll Web Part

What does SharePoint Poll Web Part do?
How does SharePoint Poll Web Part work?