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Chart Plus

Make better decisions with Chart Plus for SharePoint®. Present up-to-date, interactive reports about your company's performance.

Chart Plus Overview

Gain Real-Time Insights with Interactive Charts

Visually communicate critical data quickly and effectively to assist in making more informed business decisions. Create and share SharePoint charts and dashboards in minutes, using real-time data and interactive elements.

Hover over the chart to see it in action.

Key Benefits

Create charts in a few easy steps with no coding or BI tools.

Gain real time insights to make more informed decisions.

Share your charts quickly, securely and effectively.

Visualize trends and analyze relational data with clarity.

Key Features

Interactive Charts

Chart Plus comes with powerful and interactive charts for SharePoint with selectable legends that enable you to perform runtime filtering, so you can hide or highlight specific elements as you go. Simply hover over charts to conveniently display data or to view informative tooltips.

Designer settings in Chart Plus

Chart Designer

Chart Designer enables you to create and edit charts in minutes with no coding. With over forty chart types available, rich styling options allow the flexibility to extensively customize visuals and themes to your needs. Format numbers, group and aggregate data and display global currency symbols directly from the chart settings.

Real Time Insight with Dashboards

Create dynamic and insightful dashboards and reports to make faster, more informed decisions by centralizing business information within SharePoint. Spot trends and monitor metrics using dashboards that can directly source list data, gaining insights in real time so you can quickly see the big picture.

Dynamic and insightful dashboards in Chart Plus
Connect to multiple data sources in Chart Plus

Multiple Data Source Connectivity

Easily connect to and retrieve data from both internal and external data sources to gain in-depth insight across your business data, from sources such as SharePoint Lists, Site Collections, Excel Services, Microsoft SQL, Bamboo List Rollup, and BCS.


Share and collaborate with your colleagues by embedding charts into your existing SharePoint team and project sites. Print or export charts in PDF and multiple formats to share via email or add to your presentations.

Sharing options in Chart Plus


  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013

Bamboo Chart Plus works with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
(Office 365 coming soon)


How can it work for us?

  • Project Managers can quickly communicate current trends in project performance.
  • Organizations that need to communicate company information efficiently can create charts and graphs depicting quarterly sales vs. goals, monthly revenue, or project status.
  • Department managers can present trends in data, such as department productivity, customer service satisfaction, network performance statistics, sales vs. revenue, or budget status.

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