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Alert Plus

Automatically send customized, conditional email notifications and reminders in SharePoint.

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Select Triggers

Send alerts when an item is created, modified or deleted, or when a column value or status changes.

Triggers can be set for upcoming due dates, overdue reminders, and more.

Design Email

Alert emails are fully customizable, with stylable text and graphics and the option to include list values and links.

In addition to email notifications, alerts can also be used to start workflows in SharePoint.

Manage Alerts

Manage all Alert Plus notifications from a centralized, easy-to-use interface.

Create, modify, and deploy powerful customized alerts with no code required.

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SharePoint, Delivered

Customized alerts, featuring:

  • Information from the alert item
  • Previous and new column values
  • Fixed and conditional recipients
  • Formattable text and images

Alert Plus Features

Centralized Alerts

Manage all Alert Plus notifications from a single interface.

Advanced Triggers

Trigger alerts when an item is created, modified, deleted, or a value changes.

Filter Sources

Filter the items to alert on based on existing List Views or sets of conditions.

Multiple Routes

Send alerts to distribution lists, including those outside of SharePoint sites.

Customizable Emails

Add images, custom styles, and past & new values from the alert item.

Alert Summaries

Merge multiple notifications into a daily or weekly summary alert.

No Code Needed

Build powerful alerts through a user-friendly interface, no development required.

Trigger Workflows

Alert Plus can be used to start SharePoint and Bamboo workflows.

App Server Support

Alert Plus can also be run from SharePoint application servers.

Feature Comparison

Key Feature Alert Plus SharePoint Alerts
Select specific list to be alerted on
Edit alert content, including rich text and lookups for dynamic content
Define look and feel of alerts without requiring developer coding
Alert on item creation, modification and deletion
Alert if item exists
Alert if a specifc column in an item changes
Alert based on specific previous or new values in a column
Limit alert items based on List Views
Limit alert items based on custom criteria
Filter alerts to only relevant items in the list
Send alerts to yourself or other SharePoint users
Send alerts to SharePoint groups
Send alerts to Active Directory groups
Send alerts to users defined in the current list columns
Send alerts to users defined in an external SharePoint list
Send alerts to any set of email addresses
Send alerts to an email defined in an associated lookup list
CC or BCC other users or groups on an alert
Merge multiple alerts into a daily or weekly schedule
Merge multiple alerts into an hourly, monthly, or custom schedule
Break summaries into header, body, and footer content
Provide a custom "From" address for alerts
View alerts the logged in user is subscribed to
Manage alerts in a central location
Create a single alert for multiple SharePoint lists using List Rollup Web Part