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Task Master

Manage tasks, dependencies, constraints and schedules within a project or between projects.

No more guessing when your projects will deliver.

Managing multiple projects and the resources spread across these projects is challenging, especially when the project is complex and contains tasks that depend on the successful completion of other tasks or projects. Project managers need to monitor the impact on the schedule when the due date of any task changes. Bamboo's SharePoint Task Master offers effective schedule and resource management based on task status, priority, milestones, dependencies, and other essential project management tools.

Product Overview and Benefits

  • Create tasks based on Start Date & Due Date, Start Date & Duration, or Start Date & Work
  • With Inline editing, edit task items directly in the Web Part interface
  • Use the Assignment Units feature to allocate a percentage of a resource to a task
  • Select specific task items to focus on in the Gantt view.
  • Use the Save and Refresh options to save and undo recent changes
  • Filter tasks to display specific criteria by selecting a different view
  • Color code tasks and milestones by priority or status.
  • Set up task dependencies
  • Configure columns to display in the task details grid.
  • Identify task information to display with the Gantt bar.
  • Insert a task directly in the Web Part
  • Show Critical Path
  • Assign Multiple Predecessors
  • Exclude weekends and holidays
  • Show the status of task schedules using customizable indicators
  • Show the task grid, the Gantt chart, or both.
  • Use Task Master with a task list from any site in the site collection

New Features in R3.5

  • Provides the option to assign multiple resources to a task
  • Provides the option to exclude lunch time in the project schedule
  • Integrates with List Rollup Web Part: Consume data where the data source is from List Rollup and display aggregated task items from multiple sites
  • Additional conditions for Adjusting Task Schedule: Change task's duration, total work or due date when resource assignments are changed based on task conditions, e.g. keep duration constant, keep total work constant, but increase or decrease the hours that resources work per day
  • Improves the tool pane interface
  • Provides Search option
  • Allow users to delete task items from the interface
  • View Project Schedule Configuration Settings from the interface
  • Disable the Recalculate button: Add additional rules where if the Recalculate button is disabled, Task Master will not apply any business rules or changes - Task Master will allow users to keep the data as is
  • ...and much more!
SharePoint Task Master Features

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