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HOWTO: Manually Upgrade Your Master Pages in Community Central R1.1
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  • Community Central R1.1
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010

Community Central R1.1 improves the relevance of search results by adding the “noindex” class tag to selected <div> elements of Community Central master pages. SharePoint Search will not index (“crawl”) text inside elements marked with the “noindex” class. This prevents text in footers, menus, and other common page elements from being displayed as valid search results.

If you customized your Community Central R1.0 master pages and you do not want to overwrite these customizations when you upgrade to Community Central R1.1, you can manually add the “noindex” class tag to your master pages using the instructions provided in this article. You must perform these steps for all master pages you customized and did not upgrade automatically during the Community Central R1.1 upgrade process. To review the status of the master pages in your Community Central site, go to the Community Central Control Panel and click Manage Community Central upgrades.

Follow these steps to upgrade your master page(s) manually:

  1. Open the Community Central Home/Forum/Blog site in SharePoint Designer.
  2. Browse to the Master Pages gallery and back up your current master page(s).
  3. Right-click on the master page you want to upgrade and select Edit File in Advanced Mode to open the page in Code view.

    Select Master Page 

  4. Add in the noindex div class tag wherever you want to exclude search crawling within a page, as illustrated in the screenshot below. Bamboo recommends the following locations:
    • DIV id="TurnOnAccessibility"
    • DIV id="TurnOffAccessibility"
    • DIV id="s4-titlerow"
    • DIV id="s4-ribbonrow"
    • DIV id="s4-leftpanel-content"
    • DIV id="bb-title"
    • DIV in PlaceHolderLeftNavBar PlaceHolder

      Code View 

For more information, see Preventing indexing of irrelevant content.

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