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HOWTO: Install and Activate a License for Bamboo Products in SharePoint 2010
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  • All Bamboo Products that deploy to SharePoint
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010

Licenses for Bamboo products that are installed on SharePoint servers are activated in SharePoint Central Administration using Bamboo Web License Manager. Follow these instructions to install Bamboo Web License Manager and activate a Bamboo product license.

Note: Licenses for desktop/server applications such as List Bulk Import, User Profile Sync, and Office to PDF Conversion are activated using a standalone version of the licensing application, called Bamboo License Manager. Products that require license activation with Bamboo License Manager will include it with the Setup application (instead of Bamboo Web License Manager). For a complete list of products licensed with Bamboo License Manager and links to instructions for activating the license for these products, read the Bamboo Knowledge Base article KB.12629: Products Activated Using Bamboo License Manager.

Installing the Bamboo Web License Manager

You must be a member of the local server Administrators group and have the db_owner role for the SharePoint configuration database to install and run the Bamboo Web License Manager.

Install Bamboo Web License Manager on one of the servers in the SharePoint farm running the Central Administration service. Refer to System Settings in SharePoint Central Administration for a list of servers running this service. The component will be automatically deployed to all Central Administration Web applications by the SharePoint timer service.

  1. On the server running the Central Administration service, run the Setup program for any Bamboo product.
  2. Click the Bamboo Web License Manager component. Verify the installation location and required permissions listed in the component description and click the Install button.
  3. Click Next to continue.

  4. A system check is performed to determine if your server is ready for installation. Once all checks are successful, click Next. If a system check fails, click Abort, fix any problems, and then restart the installation.

  5. Review and accept the End-User License Agreement, and then click Next.

  6. In the Deployment Targets screen, the Central Administration Web application is selected by default. Leave it selected and click Next.

  7. The Bamboo Web License Manager feature is installed. When installation is finished, click Next.

  8. Click Close to exit the installer.

Activating the License

After Bamboo Web License Manager has been installed, follow these instructions to activate your product licenses. If you want to activate a Bamboo product on multiple Web front-end servers, you will need a separate license key for each server.

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. In the Bamboo Solutions section, click Manage My License Keys.

  2. In the Bamboo Web License Manager page, expand the appropriate section and click the link for the Bamboo product you purchased.

  3. To access the License Activation page for a product use one of the following methods:
    • Click on the product name to access the Status page and then click on the Status hyperlink:


    • In the context menu next to the product name, select Activate/Deactivate to access the Activation page directly:

  4. In the Activation page, enter the License Key and click the Activate button to complete the activation process.

    Note: If your SharePoint server does not have Internet access, you can still activate your Bamboo Solutions product using Bamboo Web License Manager. Please read KB.12815 - How to activate a Bamboo product using Bamboo Web License Manager in SharePoint 2010 if my server does not have Internet access for instructions.

Your Bamboo product has now been activated and is ready for use.

Optional: Choosing License Servers

Bamboo products are deployed to all servers in the farm running the SharePoint 2007 Windows SharePoint Services Web Application service, which may include servers that do not serve Web content. Only servers that serve Web content and have Bamboo products installed need a license key, but all servers will appear on the Web License Manager Status and Activation pages. If you would like to select only Web front-end servers to be displayed in Web License Manager, click the Choose License Server(s) link on the Bamboo Web License Manager main page. This step is optional, but makes it easier for SharePoint administrators to see which servers in the farm need a license key.

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