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PROBLEM: When the install ends, I receive an error message about not applying CAS.
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Suggested by: Jeff Kozloff
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At the end of the installation process, this error message is received:

Installation Complete
There were errors. Please see WPPacker.log for details.

The details in the log file message:

Did not apply CAS settings during installation of "web part name" since current trust level is set to Full on virtual server 'http://my-server/'.

During the installation, there is an option to enable Code Access Security (CAS). By choosing this option, you are applying a custom policy to your web site that allows a particular Web Part component access to only specific resources on the server. The message indicates that the trust level in the web.config of the root directory of the SharePoint web site is currently set to "Full", which allows the Web Part access to all server resources. Full trust level is not a recommended setting.

To enable the use of Code Access Security:

    1.Uninstall the Web Part.
    2.Locate the web.config file that is in the root directory of the web site to which SharePoint is extended (i.e. Default Web Site is at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\).
    3.Locate the following trust level line, which is about 4 lines from the bottom of the file:
    • trust level="Full" originUrl="" 
    4.Modify the trust level to
    • trust level="WSS_Minimal" originUrl="" 
    5.Restart IIS by running iisreset at the command line. 
    6.Install the Web Part. 
        Select all Virtual Servers (or you can specify a virtual server). 
        Click No to the Global Assembly Cache option. 
        Click Yes to the Code Access Security option. 
        You will receive an Installation Successful message.
    7.Restart IIS by running iisreset at the command line.

Please note that these steps are not applicable to the following Web Parts: APPLIES
  • All Bamboo Web Parts
  • Windows SharePoint Services V2 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  • Windows SharePoint Services V3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
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