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HOWTO: Display a Pivot View of the Issue List Using the Tree View Web Part
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In this use case scenario, we will show you how to use the Tree View Web Part to display and "pivot" the information of an Issue List.

Let's say you have a standard Issue List that is being used to manage project bugs:

You can create Views of the Issue List where the data is grouped several different ways:

  • GroupStatusPriority: Group by Status and then by Priority, as shown in the example below.
  • GroupPriorityStatus: Group by Priority and then by Status.
  • GroupAssignedPriority: Group by Assigned To and then by Priority.

Once you connect the Tree View Web Part with this Issue List, you can dsplay those Views in the same window without having to switch the View.  For example, by selecting one of the grouped Views, the Tree View allows you to see all the issues that are Active by selecting the Active node.

 Selecting the Active->(1)High node displays all the bugs that have Status = "Active" and Priority = "High".

Within the same Tree View, you can now quickly select different views and "pivot" your data to look at the data from different angles.  For example, display the data by Priority and then Status, or by Assigned To and then Status:

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