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December Product of the Month
File Share Library

Unburden SharePoint and maximize your file share investment with File Share Library. With File Share Library, users can map a document library to an external network file share. This allows your file share to be presented as a SharePoint document library, thus providing the benefits of SharePoint and the scalability and flexibility of a network file share. Need to store large media files? With File Share Library, you can save valuable database space by storing video and audio files on an existing network file share and later play your files directly in SharePoint when you connect to a Bamboo Video Library. In addition, File Share Library comes with powerful, built-in synchronization options that allow users to manage files in one central location with both on-demand as well as scheduled syncs.
Bamboo Project Management Central™ 4.3 for SharePoint 2010
The newest release of Bamboo Project Management Central® (PM Central), version 4.3, offers a host of updates to optimize how you manage projects, programs, and entire portfolios from a single, easy-to-use workspace. Alongside the features you've already grown to rely on, such as Microsoft Project integration, resource management, and capacity planning, the latest release of PM Central has coveted new features that improve user experience and project collaboration. New to Release 4.3 – Faster page load speeds, updated configuration checklist, more-detailed alert notifications, improved risk charting, “Lessons Learned” rollup, and Portfolio Summary page.

Essentials Suite
With more than 20 user-friendly components and tools, the Essentials Suite grants you instant access to a full range of enhancements, providing the critical functionality that's missing from SharePoint out-of-the-box. Whether you're looking for an easier way to aggregate data, color-code your calendars, or optimize data visualization, our custom-designed Suite features the key components you need to extract the most value from your SharePoint investment. See how Bamboo can help you take full advantage of the most advanced tools and capabilities in SharePoint, including alerts management, calendaring, password management, visual presentation, data management, and list and libraries extension.

Calendar Plus SharePoint App
Available Now on SharePoint Store! Whether you’re tracking your employees’ overdue tasks or checking up on who took the day off for vacation, Calendar Plus SharePoint App allows you to share information related to events, tasks, and initiatives in a centralized, visual interface in your SharePoint Online and Office 365 environment. From being able to uniquely identify items with color-coding to quickly accessing item details through rich tooltip interface, our premier calendaring app for SharePoint has the features you need to transform how you interact with calendars.

Bamboo Workflow Conductor™ for SharePoint 2010
The newest release of Workflow Conductor, version 4.0, offers a host of updates to completely revolutionize how workflow on SharePoint gets done. With a redesign that is optimized for speed and performance, our browser-based designer makes creating workflows easier than ever. Alongside the benefits you've already grown to rely on, such as increased process efficiency, improved process visibility, and increased accountability, the latest release of Workflow Conductor has been reimagined to maximize user experience and performance. New to Release 4.0 – Achieve improved drag-and-drop accuracy, rearrange dropped widgets, find widgets faster with search, receive notifications when workflows are incomplete, and edit workflows while zoomed-in.
Essentials Plus Suite
With 45 user-friendly components and tools, the Essentials Plus Suite provides a smarter, faster, and better way to enhance task management, calendaring, password management, charts, and more on SharePoint. Our custom-designed Suite features Bamboo’s entire portfolio of components and provides a simple, cost effective way to expand your SharePoint environment beyond its out-of-the-box limitations. Our library of business critical tools will help you extract the most value from your SharePoint investment as well as complete daily operations on time and in-budget. See how Bamboo can help you take full advantage of the most advanced tools and capabilities in SharePoint, including alerts management, user administration, data management, visual presentation, and more.
Tree View Web Part 2.0 for SharePoint 2010
Bamboo is excited to announce the release of Tree View Web Part version 2.0, available now for SharePoint 2010 and coming soon to 2013. Tree View is designed to improve user experience by providing an easy way to quickly navigate through files and folders via a familiar, intuitive tree structure. The Web Part allows users to display any SharePoint List or Library, including Documents, Wikis, Tasks and Discussion Boards. New to Release 2.0 – Updated look and feel including the ability to apply custom style settings using CSS; drag and drop support for Document and Picture libraries; the ability to resize column width by dragging column header borders; and the ability to select a List or Library using an absolute or relative site URL for any site collection within the same Web Application.
Quick Add
Bamboo is excited to offer the brand new Quick Add, now available for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Quick Add is designed to save you valuable time by allowing users to add items to multiple list types, including Task Lists, Announcement Lists, Calendars, Contact Lists, Discussion Boards, Custom Lists, and more . Just like our Quick Add SharePoint App, available for SharePoint Online and Office 365, users can utilize Quick Add to create any number of items in a list at once by simply typing or copying values into a text field. The Web Part then automatically maps the values to the required fields when the items are created. Quick Add’s simple, intuitive interface also allows users to access and use the Web Part from anywhere on the site (list's ribbon, under Site Contents, etc.).

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