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SharePoint Hot Products
SharePoint Video Library Product of the Month: Video Library
If you're looking for an option to centralize video storage and play back in SharePoint, then Video Library is your solution. The January Product of the Month creates a simple approach to managing audio and video files. This powerful library not only stores media, but gives users the ability to play videos, listen to audio, and share uploaded or externally-linked files.
SharePoint Project Management Project Management Central
The newest release of Bamboo Project Management Central (PM Central), offers a host of updates to optimize how you manage projects, programs, and entire portfolios from a single, easy-to-use workspace. Alongside the features you've already grown to rely on, such as Microsoft Project integration, resource management, and capacity planning, the latest release of PM Central has coveted new features that improve user experience and project collaboration.

SharePoint Essentials Essentials Suite
With more than 20 user-friendly components and tools, the Essentials Suite grants you instant access to a full range of enhancements, providing the critical functionality that's missing from SharePoint out-of-the-box. Whether you're looking for an easier way to aggregate data, color-code your calendars, or optimize data visualization, Essentials Suite features the key components you need to extract the most from SharePoint.

SharePoint Calendar Calendar Plus SharePoint App
Whether you’re tracking your employees’ overdue tasks or checking up on who took the day off for vacation, Calendar Plus SharePoint App allows you to share information related to events, tasks, and initiatives in a centralized, visual interface in your SharePoint Online and Office 365 environment. From being able to uniquely identify items with color-coding to quickly accessing item details through rich tooltip interface, our premier calendaring app for SharePoint has the features you need.
SharePoint Coming Soon
SharePoint Community Central Community Central 1.5 for SharePoint 2013
Create centralized, easy-to-use community sites in minutes, powered by a single scalable, cost-effective solution. Community Central is designed for both internal and external communities, with applications in networking, blogging, forums, training, and knowledge sharing. New to Release 1.5 – Unlimited forums per site collection, dynamically filter from the Forum View, and more.
SharePoint Discussion Board Discussion Board Plus 2.0 for SharePoint 2013
Out-of-the-box SharePoint discussion boards are a useful tool for team work and knowledge sharing, but they lack many features that users familiar with modern forum interfaces have come to expect. We built Discussion Board Plus to enhance these tools and your organization's capacity for collaboration. New to Release 2.0 – Unlimited forums per site collection, dynamically filter from the Forum View, and more.
SharePoint Task Management Task Master 4.0 for SharePoint 2013
Managing multiple projects and the resources spread across projects is challenging, especially when the project is complex and contains tasks that depend on the successful completion of other tasks or projects. Project managers need to monitor the impact on the schedule when the due date of any task changes. Bamboo's SharePoint Task Master offers effective schedule and resource management based on task status, priority, milestones, and dependencies.
SharePoint Workflow Workflow Conductor 4.0 for SharePoint 2010
The newest release of Workflow Conductor, version 4.0, offers a host of updates to completely revolutionize how workflow on SharePoint gets done. New to Release 4.0 – Achieve improved drag-and-drop accuracy, rearrange dropped widgets, find widgets faster with search, receive notifications when workflows are incomplete, and edit workflows while zoomed-in.

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SharePoint Events
Bamboo hosts free, one hour webinars on Project Management, Time Tracking, Workflow, Knowledge Management, and Workplace Collaboration with SharePoint.
April 8-10, 2015, SharePoint Fest - Washington, D.C.
April 20-22, 2015, SharePoint Evolution Conference - London, England
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