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SharePoint Alerts

Take email alerts and alert management to a new level by providing a supplemental alert mechanism which provides both users and administrators with the ultimate in flexibility in terms of how alerts are generated, who to whom they're sent, and how they're managed across Sites and Site Collections. With our alerts management tools, you’ll save time, minimize unnecessary traffic, and keep projects on track.

Alert Plus
Easily set up alerts with custom notifications based on conditional triggers, such as sending an alert before and after a task is due, if the status of an item is "Delayed", or the priority of an item is equal to "High" and the status is equal to "Not Started".

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Alerts Administrator
Allow Site Administrators to manage SharePoint alerts across sites and Site Collections from a single location. Administrators can create user alerts and view, edit, remove, group, filter and enable/disable existing SharePoint alerts.

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Send Message
Quickly send a message with a link to an item, directly from any item in SharePoint. Prepopulate the recipient field using any combination of user or group fields in that list.

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