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SharePoint Workflow

Whether simple or complex, workflows can be built and deployed rapidly with easy-to-use, embedded design tools and seamless SharePoint integration. Take workflow to the next level by transforming your existing SharePoint environment into a flexible process management solution capable of streamlining nearly every aspect of your day-to-day operations. Our bestselling application provides all the benefits that will help enhance workflow creation in your SharePoint environment.

Alert Plus
Easily set up alerts with custom notifications based on conditional triggers, such as sending an alert before and after a task is due, if the status of an item is "Delayed", or the priority of an item is equal to "High" and the status is equal to "Not Started".

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Workflow Conductor
Easily create, manage, and reuse custom workflows in SharePoint without the need for coding. Bamboo Workflow Conductor™ provides a simple interface that lets power users automate business processes.

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