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June 2015

The latest news from Bamboo Solutions (June 30, 2015)
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Bamboo Insider

The Latest News from Bamboo Solutions

Summer is officially here! Pardon the pun, but things really are heating up. In this month’s edition of Bamboo Insider, we have some important product updates to tell you about, some upcoming events that we have going on this summer and information on July’s Product of the Month. Also, we have news about upcoming webinars, the latest and greatest from Bamboo Nation and much more!

New Product Releases

Workflow Conductor 4.0 for SharePoint® 2013
This new release comes equipped with a total redesign as well as workflow creation and editing tools that have been rebuilt from the ground up. This helps make your automation faster, easier and more reliable than ever before.

Workflow Conductor 4.0 for SharePoint 2013

List Rollup 7.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010
List Rollup 7.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010 offers more flexibility and administrative control. You can automatically aggregate, filter, group, sort and export items from multiple SharePoint lists all across your portal—in real time.

List Rollup 7.0 for SharePoint 2013 and 2010

Alert Plus 4.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010
Alert Plus 4.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010 now comes equipped with Application Server support which allows you to run List Rollup from your application server to help offload work from your SharePoint web front end servers.

Alert Plus 4.0 for SharePoint 2013 and 2010

World Clock & Weather 3.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010
World Clock & Weather 3.0 has improved weather provider choices with API keys available directly from feed providers to ensure scalability. You can now add or subtract hours automatically based on location from feed data, use classic weather icons or pull stylized icons from provider feeds.

World Clock and Weather 3.0 for SharePoint 2013 & 2010
SharePoint Project Management Symposium Recap

Project Management Symposium Event Recap

Bamboo Solutions kicked off the afternoon session of Protiviti’s Project Management Symposium on Monday, June 15th, with a fact-filled presentation titled ‘P-D-C-A with PMC.’ Angela Dillon of Bamboo’s Services Team and Beth Watson of the Solutions Team introduced the gathered assembly of mostly Project Management Professionals (PMPs) to the concept of the Deming Cycle, which was popularized by W. Edward Deming in the 1950s.

An iterative four-step management method of Plan-Do-Check-Act (P-D-C-A), the Deming Cycle is used to formalize the process of continuous improvement, whether it be across the full lifecycle of a project, or within sub-cycles that target the resolution of specific issues. Project Management Central (PMC) from Bamboo Solutions provides team leaders with the tools needed to successfully avoid common project-related obstacles, as demonstrated during the presentation.

For more information, please visit our PMC product page.

Upcoming Events

On July 25th, Bamboo® will be in attendance at the 6th SharePoint Saturday event at the new Microsoft® office in New York City.

For more information, visit

Product of the Month

Bamboo’s Product of the Month for July highlights another of our many web parts that extend SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. We encourage you to check out all of our products and services, but consider taking advantage of our Product of the Month to receive 10% off your purchase. Gain instant access to innovative tools at an even better value!

Stay tuned to Bamboo Nation for the official Product of the Month announcement.

SharePoint Tip of the Month

How to Create a Simple Task List in SharePoint 2013

For our second installment of “SharePoint Tip of the Month,” here’s a tutorial on how to create a simple task list in SharePoint 2013. See how to organize the “Working on a Deadline” tile and more.

Watch the YouTube tutorial below.

How to Create a Simple Task List in SharePoint 2013

Be sure to stay tuned for the next Bamboo Insider SharePoint Tip of the Month.

Also, you can view our full list of YouTube tutorial videos HERE.


Upcoming Bamboo Webinars

Multiple dates and times offered each month. All times are EDT:

Project Management Central:
July 7, 9AM; July 16, 4PM; July 23, 1PM; July 28, 11AM (Register)

Time Tracking and Management:
July 9, 9AM; July 21, 9AM (Register)

Workflow Conductor:
July 8, 4PM; July 30, 9AM (Register)

Bamboo Nation

Latest from Bamboo Nation

Continuing coverage from our community site, Bamboo Nation:

Social Networking Training for SharePoint 2013

Here's An Inside Look at SharePoint 2016

How to Videos: Change A Logo in SharePoint 2013

and MORE on Bamboo Nation!

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The Bamboo Panda tour continues! This month, he was in Iceland. Where will he go next on his summer tour? Find out next month!

Bamboo Panda at Jökulsárlón
Bamboo Panda at Thingvellir

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