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July Product of the Month: Improve SharePoint Effectiveness with Data Viewer

Create custom views on the fly!

We’re excited to highlight Data Viewer as July’s Product of the Month. With Data Viewer, you can connect to lists or libraries across sites, site collections, SQL databases, Bamboo’s List Rollup, or business connectivity services. Also, you can simultaneously add, modify and delete entries.

Watch this video to learn more about Data Viewer.

Data Viewer for SharePoint

Since base SharePoint® has some functionality limitations, lists that contain even a moderate amount of data can quickly become disorganized, uninformative and ultimately ineffective. Bamboo’s Data Viewer web part addresses this limitation by allowing your user base to create their own custom views without ever having to interact with the original data source.

In doing so, you’re able to manipulate, group and rearrange the content of the web part without needing to alter what everyone else sees. This helps make things much easier and minimizes potential mistakes.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the Data Viewer features:

1. Customize how and what information is displayed

This feature allows you to tailor certain views to a set audience by defining column names and setting column width to promote important information.

2. Organize data by any list column

Dragging a column into the data viewer heading allows you to filter through and search data with built-in logic features, such as “equals” and “greater than.”

3. Show related data in a secondary list

This helps save screen space and also allows you to apply calculations on parent and nested data columns, including: sum, count, average, maximum and minimum values.

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