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Create a Solution with Bamboo’s Catalog of Over 70 Products

With the end of the fiscal year approaching, remember that Bamboo Solutions can provide your institution with instant access to a full range of SharePoint® enhancements. Whether you need a collection of SharePoint tools, or a single purpose-built Web Part, Bamboo Solutions has the industry-leading products, services, and training necessary to empower your users — all while meeting your most pressing organizational demands.

Take Control

Whether you're in the market for a comprehensive solution, such as Project Management or Time Tracking, or simply need Executive-level dashboards, Bamboo’s technology takes your SharePoint-based experience to the next level.

Maximize Value

By capitalizing on cross-product integration, our SharePoint packages provide a cost-effective collection of components that are designed to extend many of Bamboo’s most powerful business applications.

Close the Gap

Collaboration within your organization is the key to success, and Bamboo’s array of tools help with every aspect, including: communicating, sharing documents, scheduling, alerting, and even managing project details via social tools. Everything you need to quickly and easily disseminate information across your organization is available in our suite of products.

Make a Splash

Graphics-based data isn't just about visual appeal; it’s also about displaying information in the proper context that businesses need to make informed decisions. Bamboo’s powerful data visualization tools bring context to SharePoint with an array of list enhancements and visual presentation tools, designed to add form and functionality to your environment.

Whether it's a SharePoint-based solution for task management, calendaring, workflow, or all of the above, you can rest assured that Bamboo has what you need.

We’re also proud to offer discounts to eligible educational and non-profit organizations.

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