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RELNOTE: Calendar Plus App for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 Release Notes (AP20)
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  • SharePoint Online/Office 365
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013

Below are the lists of features and issues for each release of this product.

Release Notes

Initial Release on Microsoft SharePoint Online/Office 365, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2013.

New Features:

This product provides the following features:

  • Add an unlimited number of lists within the site to be displayed in the Calendar Plus SharePoint App.
  • Display activities, events, and tasks from multiple lists in a single calendar view.
  • Color-code the different calendars according to their list of origin, as well as color-code individual items based on their column value.
  • Rich tooltips display for the selected columns when users hover over an item in the calendar view.
  • View data in views that include: Day, Week, Work Week, and Month.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.

See the Known Issues and Limitations section for the latest known issues and limitations related to this release. For information about using this product, read the Online Documentation.

Known Issues & Limitations
Known Issues:
  • When dragging maker to pick a color for color-coding, some hex color values such as 017f3fff, 003f7fff, 00bf00ff, 00bf5fff, 005fbfff, 00ff7fff, 007fffff, 00ffffff are not supported.
  •  The Calendar Plus List or Library settings cannot be modified if the Calendar Name or List Name contains special character(s).
  •  Print function may not print entire content for Full Day views for Day, Week, and Work Week, and with calendars containing scroll-bars
  •  Resizing the print preview screen in Firefox, Chrome, or Opera browsers causes the item alignment to shift when printing.


  • Calendar Plus App cannot be configured with anonymous access sites.
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