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FAQ: My Suite or Library License shows as Active but my Pack or Toolkit license does not
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Why does my Suite (or Library) status shows "Active" in Web License Manager, but the Packs (or Toolkits) status shows as "Not Active" (or "Trial")?

Packs and Suites in WLM


The bundled licensing in Suites and Libraries allows multiple products to be licensed with a single key. Once the Suite or Library shows a status of "Active", each Suite or Library product under Individual Products in Web License Manager should show, for example, a Status of “Running under Project Management Suite Licensing”.

Individual Product in WLM

A Suite or Library license key cannot be used to directly activate the license for any Individual Product, Toolkit or Pack.

Note that some Pack or Toolkit licensing components (such as SharePoint Project Management Central Pack) are also shown under Suites and Packs. These licenses may show a Status of “Not Active” (or “Trial”) - however, the Individual Products that make up the Pack or Toolkit will be licensed at the higher level, under the Suite or Library.

For example, Bamboo’s Project Management Central is one of many products included in the Project Management Suite. All of the Web Parts and Features (Individual Products) of Project Management Central are licensed through Project Management Suite.
If only Project Management Central had been purchased, then its Web Parts and Features would be licensed through the SharePoint Project Management Central Pack.

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