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INFO: Bamboo Solutions Upgrade Policy
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Throughout  the lifecycle of a Bamboo Solutions product, we will provide a collection of upgrades that include Patch Releases (basic bug fixes, etc), Minor Releases (minor improvements and enhancements) and Major Releases (major upgrades in functionality, performance, etc).  The type of release is identified based on the File Version, of that product, as shown below:

  • Major Release - A major release is a release that includes Major functionality added to the product and is identified based on the first digit.
  • Minor Release - A minor release is a release that includes Minor functionality enhancements and bug fixes, identified by changes to the second digit.
  • Patch Release - A patch release is a release that includes only bug fixes and is shown at the third digit.

To identify the current version of a product that is installed on your SharePoint farm:

1) Open the tool pane for the Web Part of interest. 
2) Expand the section in the tool pane labled About Web Part.  This is a listing of the assemblies currently installed for the Web Part. 
3) Locate the first listed assembly and the associated File Version listed below it.  This is the current version of the Web Part installed. 

The  most current version, of any product, can be found listed in Release Notes for that product in the
Bamboo Solutions Knowledge Base. You can also sign up to be notified of an upgrade or new release available for a specific product(s) via MyBamboo.

How do I know if my account has access to a new release?

The Bamboo Solutions Upgrade Policy is described as follows:

Major Releases: Customers who have an active Premium Support Contract are authorized for access to Major Releaases at no additional cost.  A Major release is represented by a change to the first number in the file version of that product: 1.x to 2.x.

Minor Releases:  Customers who are operating under, either, an active Premium Support or Basic Support Contract are authorized for Minor Releases at no additonal cost.  Minor releases are represented by a change in the second file version number 1.0 to 1.1.

Patch Releases:  All Bamboo Customers, regardless of support plan, have access to Patch Releases at no additoinal cost.  A Patch Release is shown at the third version number 1.1.10 to 1.1.

For information on Support Contracts and Renewal options, take a look at the Bamboo Solutions Knowledge Base article
How Do I renew Support?

Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.

Bamboo Support

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