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HOWTO: Submitting a Support Ticket via My Bamboo
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When Submitting a Support Ticket:

Providing a clear and accurate description of the issue in your ticket is the best way to ensure that your problem is resolved quickly and affectively. This allows us to provide a more timely response and reduces the need for further requests for information. Support tickets which lack information or are unclear can delay our ability to effectively troubleshoot and ultimately resolve your concern.

What Information to include in your ticket:

 1. Please report one issue per ticket: One problem at a time is easier to track, reproduce and fix.

 2. Please attach all relevant screen shots, logs, and files: we will need this information to resolve your problems, providing it at the beginning will save time.
    Most Bamboo products create logs on the Web Front End servers at c:\Windows\Temp\BambooSolutions

 3. Please provide clear and complete steps for reproduction.

 4. You will only be able to submit a ticket for a Bamboo product for which you have a current support contract. To buy or renew a support contract, simply visit My Bamboo. If you have any questions about your support contract, please see our KB article about support renewals How Do I Renew Support? or contact us at  

We also provide extensive, searchable, Knowledge Base articles as well as user forums and blogs. Your issue may already have a resolution.

How to Submit a Ticket Via My Bamboo® :

Login to My Bamboo®

Login to My Bamboo

Select your Bamboo product, and click the button "Create Ticket"

Create Ticket

Enter a descriptive title, and specific description of the issue, version of the product you are using, specific error messages, and basic environment and operating system information

Enter Description

Complete the Hardware Profile, and attach screenshots and log files

Attach Logs

Then click the "Create" button to submit your ticket.
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