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HOWTO: Use PM Central for SharePoint 2007 in 10 Steps
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You can start using PM Central to manage your projects by following the 10 steps below. For more information about installing, configuring and customizing PM Central, visit the PM Central online documentation.

  1. Create the portfolio (top-level) site.
    • Go to the top level of the site collection where you want to create the portfolio site.
    • Go to Site Actions > Site Settings. In the Site Administration section, click on Sites and workspaces.

      create a new site

    • Click Create.
    • Enter a Title, an optional Description and a Web Site Address for your site.
    • title

    • In the Template Selection section, click the Project Management WS tab and choose a template for your portfolio site.

      choose your site template

      The two top-level site templates have the same features; only their appearance is different:
      • Bamboo PM Central Top-Level Site - Custom Template:
      • custom template

      • Bamboo PM Central Top-Level Site:
      • regular template

    • Choose your permissions and navigation.
    • Click Create and wait while your portfolio site is created. Do not manually add data to the Project Summary or the Task Summary, Risk Summary or Milestone Summary charts. This data is automatically calculated after you create your project site.
  2. Add your resources to the Enterprise Resource Pool. Do this first, before you create a new project. You can create new resources manually, or you can import resources from the SharePoint User Profile database (MOSS 2007) or User Information List (WSS 3.0).

    To import resources from SharePoint:

    • In the portfolio site, go to Resources > User Profiles Import.
    • In the User Profile Import tab, enter search terms to find the user or users you want to import, and then click Search.
    • In the search results, select the users you want to add to the Enterprise Resource Pool and click Import User Profiles.

      Import user profiles

    To create new resources manually:

    • In the portfolio site, go to Resources > Enterprise Resource Pool.
    • To add a new resource, click New in the Enterprise Resource Pool toolbar menu bar.

      add resources

    • Enter your resources individually. At a minimum, enter information for the following fields, and then click OK:

      Last Name

      First Name

      Full Name


      E-mail Address


      Standard Rate


      Project Manager


      Timesheet Manager



      Maximum Unit

  3. Create a project site.
    • In the portfolio site, go to Central Actions > Add New Project.
    • Enter a Title and an optional Description.
    • Choose permissions for the project site.
    • In the Site Template section, choose a project site template. The only differences between the available templates are their appearance and whether the template contains seed data. The features are the same.

      choose your project site template

      • Bamboo PM Project Site - Custom Template - NO SEED DATA
      • Bamboo PM Project Site - Custom Template
      • Bamboo PM Project Site - NO SEED DATA
      • Bamboo PM Project Site
    • Fill out the project data for the Project Health List. Make sure you choose a Project Department if you want to create a department site later on.

      If you select the Auto Update option, the application will automatically update the Start Date, Due Date and % Complete using information from the project Tasks list. Information that you manually enter when the site is created will be overwritten.
    • Project Health

    • Click Create.
  4. Complete the Configuration Checklist.
  5. configuration checklist

    • Click the Configuration Checklist link in the Welcome message at the top of the project site home page.
    • Click each Action link in the Configuration Checklist to complete the open items.
    • When you update the Project Health information, you only need to enter the Project Name, Project Manager and, if necessary, the Project Type, Budget Cost and Budget Work. (See KB.12559: How to Track Budget Cost and Budget Work for more information.) The % Complete, Project Start Date, Project End Date and other data are automatically calculated. You do not need to modify them yourself.

      project health info

  6. Add resources to the project.
    • In the project site, go to Resources > Project Team Info, and then click New Item.

      add resources

    • In the Resource drop-down list, select a resource from the Enterprise Resource Pool, which you created in Step 2. Assign permissions to this resource by selecting one or more groups on the left and clicking the Add button.

      Select resource from ERP

      If you want to be able to add resources from outside the ERP, go to the Contacts list and edit the Resource column to change the Select resources from Resource Pool site option to No.

      modifying the Resource column to add resources outside of the Enterprise Resource Pool

    • Click OK to add the resource. Repeat this step for each resource you want to add.
  7. Configure the SharePoint Task Master Web Part.
    • In the project site, go to the Tasks > All Tasks tab.
    • Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the Web Part and select Modify Shared Web Part to open the tool pane.
    • In the Column Settings section, add the columns that you want to display in the All Tasks list. In the Working Hours and Holiday List sections, configure the workdays and working hours for the project. Remember that the Task Master Web Part does not exclude lunch hours, but it can exclude weekends and holidays.

      add columns

      set hours

    • Click Apply and then OK to close the tool pane.
    • Repeat these steps for the Overdue Tasks and My Tasks tabs.
  8. Create tasks and milestones.
    • In the Tasks > All Tasks tab, click New Item to add a new task or milestone and assign resources to the task.
    • Click Recalculate to update task schedules.


  9. Create a department site.
    • In the portfolio site, go to Central Actions > Add New Project.
    • Enter a Title and an optional Description for the department site.
    • Choose permissions for the department site.
    • In the Site Template section, choose a department site template. The only difference between the available templates is their appearance.
      • Bamboo PM Central Department Level Site - Custom Template
      • Bamboo PM Central Department Level Site
    • Click Create and wait while the department site is created.
    • On the department site home page, click the filter settings link in the Welcome message at the top of the page. Configure the filter to display only data for the department's projects using specific criteria.
    • filter the department site

      filter the department site

  10. Update Gantt View Data.
    • Return to the portfolio site and complete any remaining items in the Configuration Checklist.
    • In the Settings tab, click Update Gantt View Data. In the Schedule Update page, click the Refresh button. 

      update Gantt view

      Update Gantt View Data

  11. Wait for the data to populate.

    Wait 20 minutes for the data from the project and department sites to populate the portfolio site. If data is not populated at the portfolio site, make sure that the Update Summary Project List and the Update Tasks, Issues, Project Health Lists timer jobs are activated and running in Central Administration. Read Monitoring the Timer Jobs for information about verifying time job status.

Now you should see data in the portfolio, project and department sites, including charts and reports. You are ready to being managing your projects and team members.

regular template

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