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HOWTO: Allow others to share your order and create Support tickets for your Bamboo product
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When a customer orders a product from Bamboo Solutions, that person's email address is linked to the order and, if not already created, a My Bamboo account is created for that email address.

Customers who have purchased support for that product can create Support tickets via My Bamboo regarding issues or support questions.

This is the most efficient way to report a problem or issue with a Bamboo product. A customer may want others in their organization to be able to create tickets in My Bamboo for specific orders as well. In order to do this, customers can share their orders.

1. Using the same email address that placed the order, log into My Bamboo and go to Shared Orders

My Bamboo Share Orders

2. There, select an order, enter a different email address to share the order with, and can click on Share This Order

Note: the other email address must already exist in My Bamboo. An order can be shared with any number of other email addresses by repeating this process.

My Bamboo Share Orders

3. Repeat this process for any other orders that you wish to share.

4. Click on the link for Shared Tickets to see any orders that have been shared with you by another My Bamboo account.

My Bamboo Shared Tickets

Please note these current limitations:
- One person will not be able to see the tickets of other persons who they share an order with, and visa versa.
- Tickets created in our Helpdesk system can only reply to one email address and cannot automatically copy other addresses. Other addresses can be manually added to the ticket as CC's per the request of the customer.

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