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HOWTO: Activate a Bamboo product via Bamboo License Manager in SharePoint 2007 if my server(s) do not have internet access
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Customers who need to activate the purchased license for their Bamboo Web Part have 3 options for doing so: online, by email and via their MyBamboo account (License Activation Via MyBamboo).

To activate by Email:
  1. In the Web Part application notes, follow the instructions in the "Licensing and Activating the Web Part" section.
  2. In the Bamboo License Manager, click Activate. An activation window is displayed with three options: Activate Online, Activate by Email, and Continue without Activation.
  3. Select the option to Activate by Phone or Email.
  4. Click Next. A window is displayed with the Serial Number and the Machine Key information.
  5. Follow the instructions in this article to activate your license via My Bamboo:  HowTo: Generating Activation Keys and Deactivating License Keys Via My Bamboo
  6. If you can not access My Bamboo, or the activation process generates and error, provide the Serial Number, Machine Key, and the name of the Web Part you are activating to Bamboo Support:
  7. Bamboo Solutions will provide the Unlock Code to be entered in the Activation Wizard as seen below.
  8. Click Continue. A confirmation message indicating the license is Active is displayed.
  • All Bamboo Web Parts
  • Windows SharePoint Services V2 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  • Windows SharePoint Services V3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
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