RELNOTE: Data-Viewer Web Part for SharePoint 2013 Release Notes (HW37) - R3.7.37.2013

Known Issues and Limitations:

All Data Sources SharePoint List List Rollup SQL table or View Other known issues and limitations
Calculated Settings
  • Incorrect calculated data is be displayed after changing Locale
  • Calculations will not be displayed on dynamic groupings
  • Calculations such as "Count" applied to groupings of People and Group columns are incorrect for the subgroups.
When SQL is selected as the data source:
  • If "Define Item Grouping" is set to use the Column_NText or Text and for the Calculation section in tool pane is set to "Yes "for "on Grouping" field, the Web Part shows an error message.
  • When the Calculation section in toolpane is set to "Yes" for "on Grouping" field, the Value of that column is not shown after dragging the column for grouping in the Web Part interface.
  • When connecting to SQL as the data source, calculations do not update as a the result of editing an item in the Web Part interface.
  • Grouping result always shows on the right of grid view when selecting "Yes" for "On Grouping" in "Calculations" section.
  • When dynamic sorting is applied to grouped data the "Calculating Header" and "Calculating Footer" are displayed in the wrong position, e.g. Calculating Footer is at the top and Calculating Header is at the bottom.
Datasheet Mode
  • Editing a Person or Group column that allows multiple selections will replace the current list of values stored in the column with the newly selected user (#1701).
  • Choice fields that allow multiple selections do not include a "Select All" choice.
  • Drag and drop reordering of columns is not supported
The following column types cannot be modified in datasheet mode:
  • External Data.
  • Multiple Lines of Text (Enhanced rich text).
  • Recurrence and Workspace.
  • Bamboo Custom Columns
  • Business Data columns.
Datasheet mode is not supported when using a SQL table or View as a data source
  • If the data source is an External List, Datasheet mode is not supported
  • If Multiple Lines of Text fields that contains text surrounded by tag characters (i.e... <...>), the text will cleared upon saving.
  • If a Multiple Lines of Text column that contains hyperlinks is modified in datasheet mode, the hyperlinks will be lost upon saving the changes.
  • When users are modifying a cell of the following Column Types, the users will see the raw data instead of the formatted data. Upon navigating away from the cell, the format will be displayed correctly.
    • Choice (Checkboxes)
    • Lookup (Both Single and Multiple Selection modes) Multiple Lines of Text (Rich Text and Enhanced Rich Text Modes)
    • Person or Group (Single or Multiple Selection modes)
  • Viewing a Hyperlink or Picture columns will display only the Description text. User is not able to modify the URL.
  • If user modifies a Multiple Lines of Text (Plain Text mode) column and saves changes, line breaks are removed from original column text.
Filtering Default filtering defined in the configuration tool pane and /or dynamic filtering is not supported on the following column types:
  • Lookup (Multiple Selection mode)
  • Person or Group (Multiple Selection mode)
  • Choice column with Multiple Selection mode (unless using List Rollup Schema and the "Contains" operator")
Filtering these columns is not supported when using List Rollup Classic as the data source:
  • Date & Time
  • Hyperlink or Picture
  • Number
    • Yes/No
    • List Rollup special columns: List Name and Site Name
  • Dynamic filtering of calculated columns
  • List Rollup mode does not support filtering for Managed Metadata multi data types
  • Filtering data on a Managed Metadata single data type column is only supported when using the "Contains" operator
  • Dynamic filtering only supports the [Me] SharePoint variable with the operators "Contains" and "Equals"
  • Filtering Start Date or End Date columns in Calendar type lists will not return items that are "All-Day Events"
  • If the backslash "\" is included in the filter string, it will be removed automatically.
  • If Filtering on a Person or Group column, Bamboo recommends using the "Contains" operator and enter the User Name in the value instead of the First or Last Name.
  • Dynamic Grouping only occurs on the current page in the grid and does not group the full data set. (Except when use using List Rollup Schema as the data source)
  • When grouping document libraries using the Content Type column the grouping will be impacted by a limitation of the Content Type in SharePoint 2010, which can result in the following display: Documents groups, Folders Groups and then Documents groups again.
The Date field in a group is sorted as text string instead of date format when using Bamboo Rollup Classic as the data source. When grouping by single text type and connecting to SQL as the data source, the Web Part shows message " Error PreRender:: The data type text and varchar are incompatible in the equal to operator".
  • Grouping by the Content Type field is not supported
Inline Edit Mode
  • Multi line of text columns with the Append feature enabled will display the most recent entry and let you edit that entry.
  • The following columns are not available for inline editing:
    • Bamboo Column Level Security
    • Bamboo Lookup Selector
    • Bamboo Rating
    • Bamboo Rich Text
    • Bamboo Validator
    • Business Data
    • External Data
    • Lookup Columns with Multiple Selections
    • Recurrence and Workspace columns
  • If the data source includes an External List, Inline Editing is not supported
Nested Data
  • Association between Parent Data and Nested Data is not supported if mapped columns support multiple values (People and Group, Lookup and Choice).
  • "Count, Sum, Average, Maximum, or Minimum" calculations are not correct when for nested data since calculations will be based on multiple sub groups instead of a single sub group.
  • When using SharePoint list as the data source and adding a new nested item, Data-Viewer does not automatically get and populate the value for the mapping column.
  • Cannot link Nested Data set based on Lookup column in Master List.
  • Default sorting will not be honored if default grouping is also enabled.
When List Rollup Classic is used as a data source:
  • Date & Time columns are sorted as text rather than numeric dates.
  • Person or Group columns are not sorted correctly due to the data includes the profile ID.
  • Sorting by the Content Type field is not supported
  • Export to Excel: Column display names with special characters are formatted incorrectly in the resulting Excel column headers.
  • General Data Display: If user modifies their local in the "My Regional Settings" page, columns of type Currency and Calculated (output = Currency), the comma "," and decimal point "." are displayed in the wrong position.
  • The loading icon does not display when you dynamically group, filter, or sort in data viewer using Internet Explorer 8.
  • After initially configuring the Web Part to use Asynchronous Mode, users must navigate away from the page and return to see data displayed.
  • When connecting to List Rollup as the data source, Data-Viewer does not support the option "Show items inside folders"
  • When using List Rollup as the data source, the ID column sorts incorrectly
  • Cannot support filtering data for Additional fields type of Lookup column type in Rollup data source.
  • When using List Rollup as the data source, filtering Managed Metadata is only supported for the "Contains' operator with a single metadata type column.
  • Cannot move the "Add New Item" form on the page when data source is SQL table or view
  • Conditional Formatting: Cannot format the contents of Hyperlink or Picture, or Multiple Lines of Text column types.
  • If the grid view only has few records to display, the drop down menu for selection of columns in runtime will be cut off'
  • Language Resource Strings:
    • No resources string available to modify the text "None" in the Calculated Settings section of the tool pane.
    • No resource strings available to modify the runtime filter conditions.
  • Some text may not be clearly displayed when the Web Part is configured to inherit its skin from the following themes: Wood , Purple , Red, Immerse, Orbit, City, or Lime.
  • When Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is used as the data source and a Web Part Connection is configured for filtering, Data-Viewer does not display any data when a Data/Time column is used for the Web Part Connection.