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INFO: Calendar Plus Web Part Overview: A Visual Guide.
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This article presents a visual overview of Bamboo Solutions’ Calendar Plus Web Part compared to out-of-the-box SharePoint's calendar view. The Calendar Plus Web Part provides additional capabilities to visually communicate date-based list data through several useful views: Task, Day, Week, Work Week, Month, and Year. View information such as events, tasks, milestones, project initiatives, or employee vacation plans. You can display items in the calendar by the list column of your choice, apply color-coding, apply a custom or list view filter to the calendar items, and display holidays stored in a separate list. These features provide users more options when planning events for their organization. The Calendar Plus Web Part also provides translation support for several languages including Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Notes: This article shows the functionalities of the Calendar Plus version 2.0 and above. For details on how to configure Calendar Plus, please see the Application Notes (which can be downloaded alone or included in a trial download of the Web Part).

Color Coding:
The Calendar Plus provides color coding based on a Choice field or a Lookup column. In this example, the calendar shows different colors based on the value of the Department field.

Year View and Quarter View:
The Calendar Plus provides a Year view and a Quarter View (which can display a 3-month or 6-month span).  The Year view can be configured to start on a specific month of the year to match your fiscal calendar.  The year view and quarter view can also be color coded.

Gantt View and Task View:
The Calendar Plus provides a Gantt view and Task view to support your project task management.  The Gantt view can be customized to display different columns of the list, as well as to show Percent Completion and Milestones.

Display Rollup Data from multiple lists:
The Calendar Plus can also interface to our List Rollup Web Part to display tasks and events from multiple lists across your SharePoint sites (for additional information on the List Rollup web part, please refer to
List Rollup Web Part on our web site).  With a single click, you can edit or view the detailed information of the item from any list.

Here is an example of a rolled up view from a Marketing Task List and Engineering Task List:

Interface to Legacy Databases:
The Calendar Plus can display legacy data from SQL server in your SharePoint site.  Here is an example of the Orders table from the Northwind sample database displayed in the Calendar Plus Web Part:

Print any calendar view:
Preview and print just your calendar view.

- End -

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