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Bamboo Webinars

Bamboo Webinars

Bamboo provides free, one hour webinars on Project Management, Time Tracking, Workflow, Community, and Knowledge Management. We'll demonstrate how our products work together, walk you through usage scenarios, and point out the benefits we provide over the out-of-the-box SharePoint solution. Head over to the webinar registration pages for more detailed descriptions of what we'll cover in each session and for the upcoming dates for each. We look forward to "seeing" you at a webinar soon!






Bamboo SharePoint Project Management Central Webinar

Are you looking for a complete project management solution for SharePoint? With a simple, one-click installation, Bamboo's SharePoint Project Management Central (PM Central) will allow you to hit the ground running and manage projects in SharePoint in no time. PM Central focuses exclusively on providing a centralized location where you can view and provide real-time status of your company's (or your Department's) entire project portfolio while enforcing uniform data control over the project data from individual projects. We'll show you how to proactively track, organize, maintain, and report statuses, tasks, risks, and issues for projects within an organization - allowing you to effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a clear, timely fashion from the task level to an executive summary.

Attend this webinar if you are looking for a complete, out-of-the-box project management solution.

At the individual project level, we'll show Project Managers:

  • How to create and configure a project workspace with our built in project site template
  • Efficient and consistent management of project tasks
  • How to effectively communicate with your project resources/team
  • Effective issue management within your project


1 hour session

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Bamboo SharePoint Time Tracking and Management Webinar

Bamboo's Time Tracking and Management is a powerful workforce management tool that allows employees to report time spent on project tasks or any other additional time categories. Tasks assigned to an employee are automatically added to his or her timesheet. Employees enter time for their assigned tasks as well as the vacation, sick time and other labor categories you configure. Employees can also review previously submitted time sheets or correct rejected ones. Timesheet managers can review, approve or reject time submitted for a particular time period. Time Tracking and Management includes a Report Center feature that provides reports for resource use and timesheet status reporting.

In this session you will learn:

  • Link to a task list to automatically add assigned tasks to a team member's timesheet.
  • Track time against predefined cost centers or against tasks tracked in a Project Management Central site.
  • Review and approve/reject submitted timesheets as a timesheet manager.
  • Add and submit time as well as update previously submitted time.
  • Customize alerts to send reminders to team members and timesheet managers.
  • Access the Report Center to review preconfigured reports.

1 Hour session

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Bamboo SharePoint Workflow Conductor Webinar

With Bamboo's Workflow Conductor, learn how Conductor's Studio and administration tools make building and managing new workflows so easy, you'll find yourself creating automated processes for just about everything.

Workflow Conductor is an easy-to-use, high powered workflow solution designed to help you automate everyday business processes in minutes. With Workflow Conductor, SharePoint is transformed from a mere collaboration environment to a flexible process management solution capable of streamlining nearly every aspect of your day to day operations ... for a whole lot less than you'd expect.

In this session you will learn:

  • Create workflows without code or developers
  • Simply drag and drop action-based widgets to create workflows
  • Create templates to simplify workflow design
  • Access & Update everything from external data to SharePoint lists
  • Create variables, compare values... even trigger other workflows
  • Design and edit directly in SharePoint

1 Hour session

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Bamboo SharePoint Community Central Webinar

Available for SharePoint 2010, Bamboo's Community Central turns your SharePoint infrastructure into the perfect place for users, employees, partners, or any other critical audiences to share information and exchange ideas. With powerful tools for content creation, discussions, and community administration, it's the fastest, most cost-effective way to give users the social tools they need for SharePoint 2010.

With the Community Central for SharePoint webinar, you will learn how to set up a centralized, easy-to-use community site in minutes. The webinar will also show you how Bamboo's Community Central for SharePoint is a flexible, scalable, and affordable knowledge-sharing application, complete with forums, blogs, and social networking features like ratings and scoring for top contributors. In addition the webinar will show you how Community Central gives you the opportunity for internal or external communities that then can be used for, training, networking with peers and industry experts, or as a secure and searchable repository for enterprise knowledge.

Who would benefit from the Community Central webinar:

  • Organizations that want to keep their users up-to-date and self-sufficient by providing the answers they need online-whenever they need them.
  • Emergent businesses that want to hook their audience, attract new customers, and use social media tools to provide instant and up-to-date information.
  • Hosting providers that want to save time and money by supplying an active user base with instant answers to commonly asked questions or problems.
  • Companies that want to strengthen their customer service abilities by sharing knowledge internally and with external partners and customers.
  • E-learning institutions that want to provide students the ability to download training materials and share knowledge in "Birds-of-a-Feather" private discussions.

1 Hour session

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Bamboo SharePoint Knowledge Management Webinar

The Bamboo Knowledge Management webinar will provide effective examples to deliver a complete Knowledge Management solution to help users leverage the SharePoint platform to maximize the creation and dissemination of information across the organization. You will learn how to leverage and share your organization's intellectual assets to enhance its performance and competitiveness. We will focus on surfacing and centralizing knowledge and expertise across all divisions and levels of the organization, making knowledge and knowledge experts readily available and ultimately reducing costs due to organizational fragmentation.

During this session you will learn how to:

  • Improve staff productivity by decreasing wasted time searching for knowledge and information across different sites and external file shares
  • Reduce in-bound customer support by providing centralized access to knowledge and knowledge experts so users can easily find answers to their problems
  • Make knowledge experts available by providing users the ability to submit questions directly to the experts
  • Eliminate staff training time by making policies, procedures, and training materials available in an easy to navigate knowledge base
  • Automate processes via graphical workflows so knowledge can be reviewed and disseminated in an efficient and effective fashion

1 Hour session

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