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About Bamboo

The Leading Provider of Software Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint®.

Established in 2001, Bamboo® Solutions provides software that helps organizations save significant time and money by deploying and managing applications, data and users on Microsoft SharePoint. We provide technologies that augment the SharePoint platform, and more than 60 products that provide a broad range of enhanced capabilities and solutions that maximize the value of SharePoint deployments.

A Trusted Technology Provider

More than 6,000 organizations in over 36 countries have selected Bamboo as key part of their SharePoint platform. Our valued customers include some of the world's best known brands, including BMW, Ferrari, DELL, Revlon and Pfizer. Bamboo is a trusted technology provider for many agencies of the US Federal Government, including the Federal Aviation Administration, Social Security Administration, NASA and the USDA. We are also proud to serve most branches of the US Armed Forces, including the US Army, Navy and Air Force.

Strategic Partnerships

As a Microsoft Gold-certified Partner, Bamboo enjoys a close working relationship with Microsoft and other key partners who provide products, consulting, implementation and hosted services. Our partnership with Microsoft provides Bamboo the opportunity to provide input and feedback on the direction of the SharePoint platform, and to have early warning about trends and directions. At present, we are especially focused on SharePoint 2010, the latest version of SharePoint, released earlier this year.

One of the Largest Most Qualified Teams in the World

Bamboo boasts one of the largest and most qualified teams of SharePoint experts in the world. Bamboo is headquartered in Reston, Virginia approximately 30 miles west of Washington, DC, with offices distributed across the US, Europe and Vietnam. Our Online Applications division is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and since 2006 our engineering and technology center located in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam has grown to over 100 technical staff, many of whom are certified by Microsoft in areas of Design and Development, Configuration, Administration, and more.

Our Core Values

Bamboo Solutions is a company guided by a clear set of values and principles. Key among our values is our desire to deliver great products and services. Our priorities are driven by customer feedback, so we also place a high value on transparency and openness. Please visit Bamboo Nation, our SharePoint community site to join in the conversation today.


Values and Principles

 Who we are:

  • We hire and expect a lot from great people
  • We have a challenging and energetic work environment
  • We value diversity in people and ideas, treat people with fairness and respect
  • We honor commitments
  • We value transparency; and communicate with trust and respect for confidentiality
  • We use data to make decisions
  • We expect staff to have fun, and to know and enjoy each another
  • We help our employees flourish and grow; we celebrate both professional and personal successes

 What we do:

  • Commercialization of products/services is in our DNA; we strive to deliver great products and services
  • We make life easier for customers, and help them to save and/or make money
  • We strive for agility - delivering big things in small and rapid stages
  • We accept customer feedback to optimize our offerings
  • We create communities based on ideas, people, tools and processes

 How we act:

  • We do the right thing, with honesty and integrity in all we do
  • We're Scrappy
  • We think and act like an underdog, humble when successful and learning from our failures
  • We continuously improve
  • We aspire to greatness, aiming high, thinking big, but executing on today's goals
  • We have a healthy disregard for the impossible


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Microsoft Gold Partner

Established: 2001
Employees: 110
Headquarters: USA, Reston, VA
US Offices: California, Georgia
International Offices: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Ownership: Privately held
Strategic Partnerships


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"[Bamboo is]...one of the best known and most successful vendors of plug-in modules intended to enhance SharePoint's base functionality"

- Information Week