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Workflow Conductor Services

Get Workflow Conductor up and running and ensure that your workflow designers understand how to take full advantage of their new tool with Workflow Conductor Services.

With the right mix of our service options, your deployment can be optimized for your business and collaboration requirements to get the most out of your investment.

Learn more about any of the services found below by contacting the Sales Department with an email inquiry or a call at 703-964-2002. Additional details on Workflow Conductor Services are available as a part of a three-part blog series on Bamboo Nation.



Installation Support

Designer Training

Conductor Designer Workshop

Work with one of Bamboo's experienced technical consultants to install Workflow Conductor. Skip the instructions and manuals and save time.

A Bamboo technical consultant will remotely assist a dedicated IT person with the installation of Workflow Conductor on two web front end servers on one environment.

The customer must have a backup and recovery plan and schedule for the installation to be performed during a maintenance window.

Targeted at users who are responsible for designing workflows, this training gives an overview on how to use Workflow Conductor to create workflows in SharePoint. This four hour session will cover:

  • Creating a sample approval end-to-end workflow using multiple workflow widgets
  • Creating templates for standard actions
  • Accessing data from external data sources as well as SharePoint Lists

Intended to be taken in conjunction with Conductor Designer Training, this workshop will allow students to immediately apply what they've learned in a hands-on environment.

For those who learn by doing, this is a critical step in ensuring that the training is effective. Complete with a workbook to follow, students are given step-by-step guidance in creating and deploying two workflows.