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Calendar Plus Web Part for SharePoint 2013 (Release R4.5) - Calendars in SharePoint are a critical way to maintain your schedules, but can be missing key functionality straight out-of-the-box. Enhance SharePoint calendars with indispensable calendaring solutions from Bamboo Solutions. From visually communicating important deadlines to coordinating a team schedule, Calendar Plus allows you to color-code different events. Share lists and libraries across sites, display multiple lists in the same calendar view, and more. Calendar Plus is now available for early adopters of SharePoint 2013. New features have been added to Calendar Plus R4.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010. See the product page for more information.
SharePoint Task Master for SharePoint 2013/2010 (Release 3.6) A major release wouldn't be a major release without some significant enhancements, and the newest release of Task Master delivers. New in R3.5/3.6 for SharePoint 2013/2010: Assign multiple resources and their assignment units/allocation to the same task; Exclude lunchtime as well as weekends and holidays from timelines; and Display project schedules from multiple task lists and multiple projects from data aggregated from List Rollup Web Part in one view. Check out these new features and more...
Navigators for SharePoint 2013/2010 No need to memorize or bookmark your favorite links any longer! Quickly create your own custom navigation in SharePoint using TabStrip, Mega Menu, Menu, and Tree Menu Controls. SharePoint security is enforced via item-level security trimming, ensuring that users without appropriate permissions are unable to access any SharePoint links configured in your navigation. The newest release, Navigators R1.5 for SharePoint 2013/2010, provides users with more flexibility regarding the ability to: change font, font color, font size, or alignment; customize using CSS or inherit site theme; change the orientation of the menu/TabStrip; and use the menu as a mega menu, a two-dimensional menu that allows users to display a large sitemap-like menu, expand menus, or link to pages with additional navigation. These and many more new features are waiting - so download a trial today!
Alert Plus for SharePoint 2013 (Release 3.2) - The Alert Plus Web Part helps make extending your SharePoint alerts easier, more reliable, and more effective.  Use Alert Plus to create alerting scenarios you never thought possible in SharePoint. 
Community Central™ for SharePoint 2013/2010 (Release 1.1) Community Central™ is a flexible, scalable, and affordable knowledge-sharing application, complete with forums, blogs, and social networking features like ratings and scoring for top contributors. Improvements in the latest release include improved searching, FAST Search support, and scoring enhancements. In the latest release, subject matter experts can share their knowledge via embedded video and audio, and authors can subscribe to automatically receive email alerts without logging back into the forum. Includes new site templates for German, Russian and Arabic.
Quick Add SharePoint App - Available Now on SharePoint Store! SharePoint Apps combine the best aspects of traditional SharePoint Web Parts with the flexibility of SharePoint Apps, letting users add functionality to their SharePoint site that requires no installation and is always up-to-date. With its intuitive interface, Quick Add from Bamboo Solutions provides both convenience and ease of use in allowing project managers and teams to quickly create and add multiple tasks/action items to a tasks list. Using Quick Add, users can create multiple items on a tasks list with a single click in real-time during meetings. Later, when time permits, they can come back to fill out additional information such as assignment details and due dates. Trial or purchase on SharePoint Store!
Bamboo Workflow Conductor™ for SharePoint 2013 (Release 3.5) - Now Available! Go beyond the out-of-the-box workflows available in SharePoint and develop custom workflows that automate and manage your business processes. With Workflow Conductor, you can save time and money by letting users easily create, manage, and deploy workflows with a simple drag-and-drop interface, without the need for custom coding. All of the great features in R3.5 for SharePoint 2010 are now available for SharePoint 2013.

Bamboo Project Management Central™ for SharePoint 2013 (Release 4.2) - Now Available! Out-of-the-box, PM Central instantly generates functional, user-friendly project workspace sites that let project managers manage their resources, generate reports for their executives, easily import tasks from Microsoft Project, and more. This full-featured project management solution helps organizations track projects, manage risks, and enables project reporting at the individual project, department, and portfolio levels. R4.2 for SharePoint 2013/2010 with new features is now available. Check out the Mega Menu in R4.2 for SharePoint 2010/2013. R4.2 provides the Mega Menu for Resource Center's Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning and Report Center at the portfolio site and the department site (The "mega menu" is a menu with a single drop-down that appears on hover and shows all the reporting options in one large panel.). Users can select these options by choosing the two new Mega Menu skins at the portfolio site and the department site. Visit our product page, for more information.
Time Tracking and Management™ for SharePoint 2013/2010 (Release 1.6) Time Tracking and Management provides a central location for team members to report and track their time, and for managers to review and approve timesheets as well as create informative reports. It also provides organizations with the ability to: perform financial management tasks such as billing and overhead costing; allow users the flexibility to generate ad-hoc outputs; add additional reports with the option to print from—or export to—Excel; set rules for working hours; and much more. The new release (R1.7 for SharePoint 2010) comes with the new and improve in reporting as well as access control, and user interface.

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